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Free hack Angelus Warriors cheats code list - spirit, feather, gold, promo ticket, shards, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Angelus Warriors cheat world: i am your goddess cheat-on, enemies are coming, are you ready? First, you need to find partners. Angeles are sealed in book, open to awaken angeles, and they will fight for you. You are granted with one glory feather, you will use it. Let the Angeles fight. Dispatch an angele - click on the head portrait, the heroes will fight immediately. Your characters will fight automatically, beat them, and you will get experience and gold coins.

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The enemy leader will arrive battlefield, please keep alive. Be careful, enemy leader has unique force.
You are lucky to get Angel shard, let’s look at its use. When you accumulate sufficient shards, you can summon an Angele, click hero head portrait. Next, strengthen your heroes to get enough fighting capacity to challenge enemy. In this world, fighting spirit of characters is precious. Decompose weak heroes to accumulate fighting spirit.

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Well down, it’s time to upgrade your hero. Grant fighting spirit to your soldier to make here stronger. Put equipment on your Angele. The higher your level is, more heroes you can lead to battlefield. Find out treasures yourself, go to Sun Mart. Take away your on hook war spoils, watch out for thieves. Because of you, i may be possible to enjoy fight again, i will wait for you in near future.

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