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We have never listened enough to what the ancient tales say about the evil that lurks in the souls of the most ambitious. Turning them into demons. They tell of when heroes rose together to fight who couldn’t resist the call of power. But now here we are. The same lands once tarnished by violence are again bathed by the conflict. Because we have forgotten the spilled blood. Because we have forgotten the sacrifice.
I can’t bear this burden anymore. I need to undertake my path to a new dawn. And right now that i wander in search of redemption an hooded messenger comes to me with a promise: to tear away from my heart the darkness that marks us all.

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We are almost there my companion: the order’s palace is near. Clear the road and take us to Arvid, the captain of the guards. he will know how to advise you. Quest lost soldier: It must have been hard to face such a long journey alone. It all began about a hundred moons ago, when a strong tremor abruptly shook our sleep. Whatever the reason was unforgivable. From the depths of the basements, rather sinister sounds began to come. Until our general decided to lead a group of Soldiers to check what was happening down there, but the expedition was a massacre, nobody returned, except a young man, managed to escape the fury of what he called demons. Please, find out what happened to our brothers.

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Select your mastery: Skirmish - those who choose this mastery can use strong physical abilities to kill enemies while wearing heavy armours. Class bonus: 15% armor, magic resistance, health, health regen, stone skin, whirlwind. Sorcery - this mastery allows the use of magic. Those who choose it can cast powerful spells to destroy enemies or to protect themselves. Class bonus - +5% magical damage, mana, mana regen, storm, teleport. Archery - this mastery is based on the use of long range attack, high attack speed and fast movement to overwhelm your enemies. Class bonus: +5% physical damage, attack speed, movement speed, dodge chance, multi shot, sonic arrow.
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Character attributes: strength, dexterity, intellect and vitality. Points: health, regen, stolen life, mana, physical and magical damage, attack speed, armor, magic resistance, block and dodge chance, thorns, movement speed, gold and magic find. Abilities: strong arrow - shoot an empowered arrow to hit one enemy. Roll - raise your movement speed for a short period of time. Piercing shot - shoot an arrow that pierce through enemies. Explosive trap - place trap behind you. Sonic arrow - shoot a large arrow at sonic speed that pass through enemies.

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