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Free hack Anno 1800 cheats code list - credits, population, resources, promo ticket, gold coins, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Anno 1800 cheat world: George Smith was, long ago, a slave. An explosion in the mine took his father, and rendered George deaf. Finding freedom, George seized the chance to make something of his life, and has now apparently done it all. But don’t let that tool you - he’s not finished yet.
Since that day you saved my life, u have presumed i knew you. But now... A thousand letters from your father go unopened, yet one scribble from your sister changes everything? I didn’t even know you had a sister! We are broke, old pal! We can’t afford a passage back to your old world, back to your family! Not unless you’ve suddenly remembered what work is.

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I have acquired a small island with the last of my funds, and passage for all still loyal to father. Together we shall clear his name or die trying. Start with a marketplace. As the heart of your city, it needs to be placed in an open space, so your people can live around it. Nobody will be able to reach your marketplace until you build a road to connect it to your trading post. Housing people is essential! Make sure to build their residences near the marketplace, and connect them via roads so people have access to goods.

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Dirt road - connects buildings and allows for transportation of goods. Marketplace - a place that provides your inhabitants with all the necessities of daily life. Farmer residence - provide income and workforce.
You dont’ need to produce everything yourself if you can just pay others for it instead! Select the goods you’d like to purchase in your trading post, then click to select the purchase trade mode. Determine the quantities you’d like, and you’ll automatically acquire them from other parties’s trading ship.

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THe schnapps distillery will process potatoes into schnapps. Once your residents’ needs have been fulfilled and the residence is at full capacity, you will be able to upgrade to the next population level. Be careful not to upgrade every residence! You’ll still need the previous level of workforce for your production buildings! Use the downgrade button on the residence menu to correct any mistakes. You can also use the upgrade tool to repair multiple ruins at the same time. Simply drag to cover your selection, or hold shift to select adjacent ruins.

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  • Your current profile level, taking the population of your whole empire into account. A higher level gives you more influence.
  • Hold shift while upgrading to upgrade as many buildings of the same type as you can afford.
  • Start by opening the timber production chain in the construction menu. Place a lumberjack's hut in the forest to produce wood. Place a sawmill near the lumberjack's hut, and connect them with a road. The sawmill will consume wood to produce timber. Timber needs to be stored in a warehouse. Make sure the sawmill has a road connection to a nearby warehouse.

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    Tutorial Anno 1800(wiki):
  • The risk of fires is increasing! Build a fire station before you have something to regret!
  • Storage is shared across all warehouses: once your goods have been delivered to a warehouse, they become accessible to the whole island.
  • Your people need new clothes. First, you'll require a supply of wool from sheep farms. The framework knotters will weave the wool into work clothes.
  • Your residents need more than just goods - they also require certain buildings. A pub will increase your residents' happiness - and bump up the taxes they pay.

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