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Free hack Another Eden cheats code list - prayer fragment, promotion, encounter, promo ticket, chronos stone, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Another Eden cheat world: well, i guess... It’s time to set out on a journey across time and space to save our lost future. Before the darkness of time falls upon us all...
16 years ago the Mayor of Baruoki found Aldo and Feinne in the moonlight forest. The Mayor raised them as his own children. Those peaceful days may soon be coming to an end..

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Adventuring: an icon will sometimes appear over people or items. Tap the icon to start a conversation or inspect your surroundings. Tap the door to enter or exit buildings. The app will autosave after you reform your party, move to a new field or finish a battle.
Main story objectives are marked with a main story icon. Explore the world of another Eden to your heart’s content. When you visit a town, take the opportunity to properly equip yourself and speak to other characters. New features will be unlocked as the story progresses (dialogue, entrance, next area, interact).

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Chests and sparkles: while exploding a town or dungeon, tap treasure chests or spots that sparkle to obtain items. If you find a spot that looks suspicious, try tapping it. Even if no icon or sparkles are displayed, you may find a hidden item.
Battle screen interface: Repeat - when enabled, skills used on the previous turn will be repeated when selecting attack. Status - any effects or ailments affecting your characters will be displayed. Character info - HP is on the left, MP on the right. Reserves - you can switch the characters in your reserves with your main party during battle. Battle speed - tap to change the speed at which the battle progresses. Run - tap to flee from battle. You may not always be able to escape.

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Mini map - at the top right of the screen will show your current goal and other features of interest. Tap the mini map to expand it and see the entire area. The following icons may be displayed on the mini map. Other kinds of icons may also appear. Main story objective - reach this point to advance the story. Blacksmith - use materials to make weapons and armor. Tavern - a place to gather information. Rest area - restore your party’s HP and MP.

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