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Free hack Anthem of Heroes cheats code list - gold, awaken, rank up, promo ticket, skill, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Anthem of Heroes cheat world: to start your adventure, use the hand by summoning a powerful hero to battle with you. Basic summon allows you to call on general heroes, you can summon one every 8 hours for free. Assign your heroes to the team to get them ready for battle. Your heroes will battle non stop for you, the endless journey begins.

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You will receive a battle reward periodically during battles. After the first area is cleared up, you can start the challenge. The heroes in the front row take on more attack damage from the enemy, and the heroes in the back row delivers more attack damage.

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Hero gains anger while attacking or being attacked, the hero will release an active skill when the anger is full. YOu can upgrade your hero. Check in the game each day to get a daily reward. gems are the rare currency in the game for purchasing items in the mystic shop.

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Don't forget to assign the new hero to the idling lineup. As a new challenge, you will receive an online rewards periodically during battles. The challenges will only getting harder, remember to upgrade your heroes to face it.

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Tutorial Anthem of Heroes(wiki): The old dominators are regaining control of the universe. They are now screening the servants around the world and premeditating for a doomsday cleansing. Wake up fearless heroes, in the name of justice, awaken those enchanted audiences, topple the darkness that threatens the realm, never let this conspiracy succeed!
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