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Hi, there! Welcome to new android game. I will walk you through all the essential training you need to become the best racer in the world! In front of you here is the “Speed X”. THe “speed X” is a great starter car for anyone that wants to get into the world of mini 4wd racing. Let’s get started! In the world of race, personalization and customization is everything. Here is where you can change the color of your car. So let’s get started.

APEX Racer hack

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You can control up to 3 different color palettes for your car. This includes changing the color, saturation, and brightness by adjusting the sliders. Feel free and play around with the colors! When you’re done, press the checkmark in the center to save your color setting.
In classic mode, you can collect resources to unlock different research types and build different car parts. Each stage displays essential information about the race. A brief preview of the race track is shown in the background.

APEX Racer cheats, hack codes

Info - this panel displays useful information about the track that is important in determining how your should customize your car. Prize and difficulty - this panel displays the difficulty of the track and as well as rewards you can earn from winning the race.
Congratulations on your first win! But don’t get too excited yet, cuz you will run into stronger opponents as you progress. We need to gear up. R&D facility - this is where you can unlock new parts to tune your car! Each one of these research nodes can be unlock by using research points. Research points are earned by winning races.
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Now that you have unlocked new parts, we can build and equip them! Parts inventory - it displays parts that you currently own. You can also equip parts that you have built. Cheat code fgNqkN - these are the blueprints hack for the car parts. This is where you can build your parts. Blueprints can be obtained by unlocking research nodes or through events.
Remember what i’ve taught you: race, research, and build. One day you’ll be the fastest racer in the world.

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