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Select a difficulty: Normal - standard difficulty. You should be able to defeat most enemies without having to grind. Story mode grants an ability in battle that can be used to quickly win most fights, including boss battles. It is an optional ability that can be used or ignored at the player’s preference. Hard - fairly difficult. You may have to grind occasionally if you don’t make wise choices. Expert - enemies tuned to force you to obtain the best gear, overlevel, or have master - class battle tactics. For those who seek a challenge.

Ara Fell Enhanced Edition hack

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Ara Fell Enhanced Edition Controls: hint - press X on places where it looks like a secret door could be. Lita can jump over small gaps and up broken stairs by walking to them and pressing X. Press the ^ button to open your menu and navigate to the quests section to view both side quests and story missions. Health HP and mana MP are fully restored after combat. Use your abilities, there’s no need to conserve MP between fights.

Ara Fell Enhanced Edition cheats, hack codes

Press ^ to open the main menu. Navigate to the crafting submenu, press X to access it. Adrian relies on defense to protect his allies! Use his taunt ability to keep enemies focused on him while damage dealers pick off enemies.
Ara Fell Enhanced Edition wiki
Skills: scout - permanently reveals the stats of an enemy. Leta deals 5% increased damage to scouted targets. Charget shot - inflict high damage on one enemy. Taunt - forces a single enemy to direct most single target attacks at Adrian for 3 turns. Power attack - inflict high damage on a single enemy.
Attributes: power - increases physical power, magical attack power, and healing power. Defense - increases hit points and defense. Agility - increases speed, chance to land critical strikes, and dodge rate. Wisdom - increases mana points, mana regeneration, and critical hit damage.

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