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Greetings, i am the archmage of the citadel. I’ll be testing your dueling prowess during the mage trials. Let’s get started. I’ve sent some spiders your way. Get rid of them with your tidal wave! Playing cards costs mana. Mana veins - enchant them to increase your mana flow.

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Destroy enemy statues to earn victory stars. Destroy pedestal to win instantly. Now, summon your goblins to destroy one of enemy statues. Use your mana to keep summoning more minions. Your tier cards (trolls) are more powerful, but need to be unlocked. Trolls only attack structures, support them with your archers! Keep summoning minions and unleash your true power.

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You won a chest, open it to claim your rewards.
View all of your cards in your card collection:
Apprentice - an aspring mage that deals area damage from afar. Eager to prove her worth, she deals sick burns on and off the battlefield.
Goblins - a party of loud and rowdy goblin warriors who do melee damage.
Huntress - a powerful ranged attacker. Perfect date: moonlight walks across the citadel, just kidding, it’s a hunt.
Archers - a pair of ranged attackers with light defense. They keep count of each arrow and bicker about who shot who. Everything’s a competition between these two.
Spider queen - a devoted mom, the spider Queen’s loves spending quality time with her spiderlings. A typical family night out: striking of your enemies with a vicious melee attack.
Arcane Citadel wiki
See beacons? They expand your territory. You can enchant each structure twice. Enchant veins. to increase your mana blow. Enchant statues to increase their health and have them attack enemy minions. Enchant beacons to expand your territory. Your mage level indicates the power of your mage, statues, beacons, and mana veins.
The most direct path to victory is defeating your opponent, but there is often benefit in weakening them in other ways first.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Playing cards and unlocking higher tiers costs mana.
  • If you want to play multiple cards at one time you'll have to save up your mana.
  • All duels are won by the mage with the most stars, but sometimes it's worth going for the total victory.
  • Summoning groups of smaller minions is the best way to take down bigger minions.
  • Unlike card created structures, enchanted structures only lose health when damaged.
  • During a friendly duel, everyone's card level are set to 20.

Arcane Citadel tips
Hack cheats tutorial Arcane Citadel(wiki):
  • It is recommended to balance your deck with cards that will attack both air and ground targets.
  • Remember to consider bringing cards from every tier into a duel. You will likely need options for early, mid, and late game.
  • Mana automatically generates during a duel, but enchanting mana veins will increase the generation speed.
  • Earn coins and gems by completing achievements
  • Even if your chest slots are full, you will still rewarded coins for each victory.

Arcane Citadel tutorial

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1. The contents of the arcane cauldron and victory chests are based on your current floor in the citadel.
2. Summon tougher minions in front of weaker minions to protect them.
3. Gems can be earned from the arcane cauldron.
4. Earning trophies allows you to reach new floors in the citadel. The higher you climb, the more cards you can discover.
Arcane Citadel tips to repair
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