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Arena Stars Rival Heroes cheat world: welcome to the arena, master! You've been elected as the champion of your homeland. Perhaps you'll be our next arena star, if you can earn some victories, of course. Let's start with the basics, shall we? Tap to move to the middle of the arena.

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A training Dummy has appeared. Tap on it to approach and attack. Splendid! Another target has appeared. YOu know what to do! Hmm, it seems this target is a little tougher than the last. We'll need to use one of your special abilities to make quick work of it. Abilities take a long time to recharge, so make them count. Look! An enemy hero has appeared! Well, sort of.

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Heroes are the toughest foes you will face. You'll need some help - time of call in a troop. The hero is vulnerable. Quickly, use your ultimate ability to finish them off. Victory is yours! You may have some potential after all. You've earned a chest from that last victory. These are very valuable. Chests contain gold, new cards, even rare star shards. Go ahead and open it.

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Excellent work, hero! Complete 5 training matches and you'll be ready for a real challenge. You've found a duplicate card? Excellent! You have enough to upgrade that troop. Upgrading cards makes them stronger, which will help you earn more victories.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: you can open a bounty chest every 12 hours by collecting 15 crowns. Chests take a bit of time to open. Tap and hold to force your hero to move to that spot while ignoring targets. Choose your targets! Ranged troops are weak but can do a lot of damage if ignored. Large troops can help protect more vulnerable ranged troops behind them.
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Tutorial Arena Stars Rival Heroes (wiki): Units: squire - capable in almost any situation, squire is a versatile troop that will target the nearest foe. Ranger - quick to summon but lightly armored, rangers provide support at distance and against flying enemies. Seeker - a balded assassin that will stop at nothing to reach an enemy hero. Fragile but extremely dangerous. Humpback - this heavy hitter soaks up enemy attacks while inflicting splash damage with her massive axe.
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