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My name is cheat-on. I am the sergeant of the shadow squad. You'll call me Secret and do all that I tell you, and I will be helping you out with the arena. Enemy is blocking you hits? Try throwing him to breach his defense. Press and hold the button to continuously attack. As a rule, battles are fought by parties made up of 2 heroes. Ace marksman Windy – a reliable weapon is essential to victory. A young and eccentric engineer who uses her homemade crossbow. Skill info: rapid fire – rain down a storm of arrows that deals damage multiple times. Prodigious mage – there's nothing magic can't do. A self-proclaimed genius mage. Skill info: total transformation – transform enemies into animals. Decreases movement speed and defense rate. Steel fisted were bear (BeoBear) – for the forest and the clan! A fighter with iron firsts and a soft heart. Skill: ground strike – strike with concentrated energy. Temporarily knocks enemies unconscious.

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Relics are skills that activate immediately without any action! You can acquire them by collecting relic fragmens, which can also be used to enhance them. Don't forget to equip it in the slot before entering battle. You will have today's relic in the fourth slot. It's a top grade relic that changes daily, so be sure to use it for an extra boost. Skill points can be used to level up skill talents. Grab the shoes during battle to instantly fill your ultimate skill gauge.

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Elijah's chalice – once used by a legendary healer. It is said that the water from the chalice has the power to heal wounds. Sacred healing – restores your health and that of nearby allies in proportion to maximum health. Blade dancer – increases evade rate. After successful evasion, triggers the blade dancer effect (stackable up to 4 times) for 4 secends, which increases your critical rate. Swift sword – rapidly swing a sword to attack enemies. Twin blade slash – charge at enemies and slice them open with a sword to reduce their movement speed. Skills listed with a T can be used as Tag skills. Register tag skills using the register tag skill button to use them during battle.

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1. A6TIR0TkmB – unlimited keys,
2. 8oGDefYntP – talent points,
3. SzBOKB5z8p – level up,
4. 7iRUpQbxZe – refining materials,
5. 201CUUELI3 – relics,
6. wYKDiHppj3 – crystals,
7. dgzVWDvksU – skill points,
8. Xxgn1EObuk – soulstone box

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