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Countless moons ago, an ancient race had found the,selves enslaved by their own ambitions. They used crystal orbs, mined from the rock of Arkheim, to harvest the arcane power of the moons. The deepest holes were dug and the highest towers were built, for they believed that come full moon Trinity, those worthy would ascend into eternal light. But as always, ambition turned into greed, and greed turned into war. Divided and weakened, the forces they unleashed were uncontrollable and Arkeim was torn apart.
The ancients perished. Perhaps forever. Now, Arkheim, and its mystical relics, have been rediscovered. With the full moon trinity nearing once more, the power of Eternal light is within your grasp.

Arkheim Realms at War hack

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Dwarves: Culture - dwarves are united in their vision to put everything in perfect shape, which in their eyes, is a well-polished cube. They will continuously hammer away at rocks, mountains, and foes until their grand vision is complete.
Combat - forgers of the sturdiest armor and heaviest weapons, the Dwarves’ armies consist of unflinching soldiers and devastating artillery.
Orcs: Secret race (use cheat code)
Elves: culture - the beauty of Arkheim’s Elves is only surpassed by their ruthlessness. Enter their ranks and experience a life free of any law but one: the law of the jungle.
Combat - menacing warriors and feral beasts tear up the front lines, while plant based artillery crushes any last resistance.

Arkheim Realms at War cheats, hack codes

You have survived the unforgiving tides surrounding Arkhelm and settled on its mainland. Take some time to look around. It’s already starting to look like home, isn’t it? Your town will always be safe from others. Only some pesky, but mostly harmless Goblins are disturbing the peace with rude gestures and noises. So let’s get going. This cheat town won’t manage itself! And there’s something else in the air. Something monumental...
Fulfilling quest will grant you rewards (such as resources or experience code). You don’t have to solve them in order, but it’s usually a good idea to keep an eye on them to take use of the additional resources. You need resources and population to build up your town. Click “build” and pick a free space in your town by dragging the building across the building grid. You can upgrade existing buildings. Upgrade the citadel will unlock new buildings.
Arkheim Realms at War wiki
Upgrading the citadel will reduce all building times and unlock new buildings for your town. You can only upgrade the citadel to a certain level before you need to ascend to the next island with your realm. Military buildings allow you to train three troop types: infantry, cavalry, artillery. Upgrading those buildings unlocks additional troop types. Building more than one of the same military building allows you to train multiple at the same time.
You can train infantry troops in the barracks. Upgrading the barracks will unlock additional infantry types. Each troop type has a base fighting strength and initiative value that can be enhanced by warlord abilities, items, and masteries. What’s more, each type has a unique bonus agains certain enemies or in specific combat situations.

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Arkheim Realms at War tips
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Buildings: storage - a dark, spacious hall where smells of hay and animal products linger in the air. Perfect for hide and seek, romantic adventures, and storing resources. The further you upgrade the storage, the more resources it can hold.
House - a comfortable home for your people. The further you upgrade the house, the more people will live there.
Resources - these buildings boost the production of your lumber yards, crop fields, and iron mines (outside of your town’s walls).
Black shop - where you can use cheat codes.
Market - colorful fabric, scents of sweet spices, and yelling merchants all compete for your attention at the market. The further you upgrade the market, the more resources you gain on top of your resource income from your supplies.
Academy - the further you upgrade the academy, the higher the amount of experience you gain from battles. 9UdbYR - amulet charge
zvTKm2 - treasure chest
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In the dungeon Arkheim Realms at War, your fallen will fight Demon Warlords that get stronger the further you descend. You gain Fallen every time you lose troops in surface battles. Fallen lost in a battle in the dungeon will always return after the battle is over.
Before trying to purge a level, compare the fighting strength of your fallen in the top right corner the demons’ fighting strength. Sometimes you might want to repeat a previous level or hold back until your army of Fallen has become stronger.
A dungeon battle requires the use of an amulet charge. These charges regenerate over time, but your amulet can only hold a maximum of 10 (cheat codes can increase to 100). how and where enter

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