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Ah, it’s you! It’s been a long time since we’ve last seen each other. During this time you’ve been teetering on the edge of a cliff. You may have forgotten who you are, but just remembering your name is enough. It’s time. Don’t linger here for too long. You aren’t my quest yet, after all, nor should you even be here. She still needs you. December 23 - you may not remember what this date means to you. And this will thrust you into peril. No...YOu must try to remember...

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We don’t have a lot of time. But don’t worry, i will help you to regain basic movement capabilities. We thought that Reunion was nothing more than a ragtag group of infected. However, their movements right now are orderly and disciplined. Get ready for the next wave of enemy attacks. Hero can use more weapons to damage nearby enemies at the same time. But activating so many weapons together is not easy. You must tell the correct timing to do skill. When you see sufficient enemies approaching hero, tap location and select the skill tag to remind unit to use skill. My instructor once told me that every one attribute i knew about our fellow operators could increase my survival time by 12 seconds.

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The number above the list represents your currently available deployment points (DP). Operators can only be deployed when you have sufficient deployment points. The number on the operators’ portrait represent the required DP cost to deploy that operator. More powerful operators usually have higher costs. But don’t worry, your deployment points will gradually increase over time. YOu should just watch the situation calmly and prepare for any potential changes. While you are still not fit enough to fight, you can protect us through making the appropriate decisions.
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Here is some basic information about the interface: the pause button is located on the top. To the left of the pause button is the speed change button, which allows you to adjust the current game speed. Basic battle information is located on the top. Your total HP represents the maximum number of enemies that can go through the blue destination before you are defeated. Enemy stats represent the total number of enemies and the number of enemies defeated.
Block represents the maximum number of enemies that this unit can block. The withdraw button will return the operator back into the standby list. He or she can be deployed again after some time.

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You can perform headhunting with Orundums - are a very rare resource, but a must have when searching for Operators. Use the wisely. SAAG7R - supply box
TQPnZY - treasure chest
URNImk - multiplayer
qKcgyJ - vip status
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Cheat 6kS0El - evade
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