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- Her royal highness, look there. It is tide of demon! The prophecy comes true.
- THe seal on world gate broke down again> Soldiers! Destroy these monsters!
Three same elements can be eliminated to attack enemy targets! You can use hero skills when the hero’s mana is full! Meanwhile, eliminate corresponding elements will also increase the mana of the hero!

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Battle items can help fight, different battle items have different effects, you can explore yourself.
The big lizard was finally chased away. The tide of demon has temporarily retreated. But the castle has also been destroyed, fortunately the casualties are not serious. We must rebuild as soon as possible to withstand the next tide of demon.

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Let’s rebuild the castle first. The castle is the most important building. You can expand your city by upgrading the castle. There are also plots that can be built outside the city. First build a farm, and you can produce artifact.
Your highness, our scouts returns, they found more monsters are emerging from the world Gate. We can’t let the demon continue destroy the world.
Armed Heroes 2 Abyss Clash wiki
In the royal legend, we once sealed the world gate with the help of seven ancient artifacts and prevented the invasion of the demon army. The Eternal Starfire was hidden in the depths of the royal dungeon. The rest, i am afraid we need time to investigate more. Soldiers and battle items are the same, you can try it yourself.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Remember to build new rooms and upgrade the existing ones.
  • The left side is the blood of the warriors and the energy of the character in battle.
  • THe bottom area is the display area of the player's special skills, Used to create skills in battle.
  • Each accumulation creates an energy bar that creates special character skills.
  • When clicking on special skills, the energy bar will be freed and accrued.

Armed Heroes 2 Abyss Clash tips
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  • Each event grants epic gear shards of a certain side.
  • You might get complete heroes in chest draw.
  • It's easy to find friends in those newly created guilds.
  • You can also participate in fate tower with players outside your guild.
  • You could get some rare hero stones in chest draw.
  • Guild coins can be used to learn professions.
  • Enchanted units can't do anything for a while.

Armed Heroes 2 Abyss Clash tutorial

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