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After battle of Bulge, the Nazi german army lost the ability to stop the allied force advance. Commander, I am your instructor. War is coming! Let's start our training. Tap a troop to draw a path. Troops in the forest enjoy dodge bonus. During battle, the morale of troops will slowly deplete. Receiving attacks in the side and rear causes a significant decline in morale. The field of vision of all troops is shared. Commander, howitzers can effectively against light troops, but the enemy must be inside our vision. Defend the base within the specified time to secure a victory. Each unit type consumes a different amount of supply.

Armored Warriors cheats android, ios hack codes

Armored Warriors - WWII RTS –  hack codes

Commander, this is our front line camp. It is excellent that we could find such a great position on the front line. We can reorganize our troops here. Look, here is the drill ground. You can parade troops here. The headquarter has reinforced us with supplies. Please go to the reinforcement center to retrieve them. Please select a camp to enter the unit production interface and press infantry to produce them. Here is a troop's stats interface from which you can learn, a troop's strengths and weaknesses. Commander, I will now introduce you to the core building of the base – headquarters. Please select and enter headquarters. Headquarters level affects base health points, ground unit production limits, air unit and unit supply limits for assault and defenses. Upgrading headquarters level will unlock more unit types, raise maximum unit level and unlock more camps.

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Armored Warriors - WWII RTS –  cheats secret bug
Heavy tanks are powerful armored units. Only anti tank guns and grenadiers can threaten them. Medium tanks are the main force on the battlefield, with good firepower and armor protection. Command howitzers to prioritize attacking clumped enemies. During deployment, you can per-emptively give units movement commands. Fores offers better concealment for troops. Hold and press the screen to circle and select multiple units. The howitzer can effectively kill light troops. Armored units must destroy barriers in their path before advancing. Bombers can inflict heavy damage on enemies in designated area, but need to watch out for anti aircraft guns. Only armored units can trigger land mines.

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Armored Warriors - WWII RTS  –  gold suitcase, cash, deluxe, elite
1. oB9DzZgSio – gold suitcase
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4. QxquAsjEio - cash
5. 6NvfF0rQLz – upgrade elite points
6. U1ZlWhGfv9 - resources
7. xMMOIGSod7 – fuel
8. C2dR7Uu4VX - camps
9. pg93frPmER – vip status

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