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Free hack Army Heroes cheats code list - gold, power points, evolve, promo ticket, skin, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Army Heroes cheat world: in the year 2020, a powerful electromagnetic charge left the entire Earth without electricity for three days. For such a short period, the planet plunged into chaos. The unknown organization has taken credit for the incident. The leader of unknown declared the sovereignty of his organization and demanded to surrender all other countries.

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Separately, the countries were powerless against the unknown threat. The decision was to create a squad of army-h, whose soldiers did not conform to any government and were not bound by any law, except the great law of war. Their only mission was to destroy the unknown.
In winter 2020 began the recruitment of a new squad. Not only the greatest heroes, servants of the law and respectable citizens, but also mercenraries, murderers, soldiers of fortune, everyone who was attracted by privileges and the possibility of profit, were in the same cauldron.

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Army-H and unknown started a confrontation. Till 2022, things calmed, the conflict exhausted both sides. A leader of unknown lied low and was overshadowed by his weakened organization. But his search is still ongoing. Army-H split into several independent free squads. Celeste "summer" and Roy Brager remained the only fellow members of the Army-h squad. To restore the former glory of army-h and to find the leader of the unknown is your mission, commander!

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Commander, in the team window you can view the abilities of your squad. Select the first set of celeste summer's abilities. Then select the ability with AOE attack. In the shop window you can find all the necessary supplies. Range weapons are much more convenient when it comes to dragged out battles.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Open your collection to learn more about the hero and take him into battle. Boost the power of celeste summer. When you score enough power points, the hero will become much stronger. You can upgrade heroes by sacrificing any of your hero card. Card of the different hero gives less power than the actual card.
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Tutorial Army Heroes(wiki): PP - power points, are needed to increase the level of heroes power. Own cards give the hero: 50PP.Cards of other epic heroes give: 40 PP - to ordinary heroes; 30 PP - to rare, 20 PP - to legendary heroes. Game speed - you will get the access to the functions of game acceleration x3 and autocast forever. Vial of great resurrection - resurrect your squad with 50% of health to continue the battle from the moment of defeat.
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Heroes: Summer - best AH agent. A former soldier of fortune. She is not so fragile as she looks like. Roy - the real daredevil and brawler even on a battlefield. The level and the power of the heroes will be saved for the new mission. All the received weapon will be lost, but you will receive rewards to boost your base and heroes.

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