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In the year 2020, a powerful electromagnetic charge left the entire Earth without electricity for three days. For such a short period, the planet plunged into chaos. The unknown organization has taken credit for the incident. Separately, the countries were powerless against the unknown threat. The decision was to create a squad of ARMY-H, whose soldiers did not conform to any government and were not bound by any lwa, except the great law of war. Their only mission was to destroy the Unknown.

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Commander, slide your finger in the joystick area to control the character. To attack, click on the attack button. The character will attack the nearest available target. You got the Pet card: Snow Foxy! Open your collection in pet tab, to learn more about the Pet and take him into battle. You can switch between characters in the squad by clicking on their portraits. Other characters will follow the squad leader under your control.

Army Heroes cheats, hack codes

In the shop window you can find all the necessary supplies: great resurrection bundle - you will receive 5 Vials of resurrection and 2 vials of great resurrection. Bastion upgrade bundle - make your hero stronger! Contains 10 hero cards: bastion. You will also receive hero, if you didn’t have it before. You got the hero card: Celeste summer! Open your collection to learn more about the hero and take him into battle. You can upgrade heroes by sacrificing any of your hero card.
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Card of the different hero gives less power than the actual card. Boost the power of the hero. When you score enough power points, the hero will become much stronger. Vial of great resurrection - resurrect your squad with 100% of health to continue the battle from the moment of defeat.
Commander, do not worry if the team was defeated in the battle. We will immediately recover and begin to start the level again without losing the accumulated experience! You can also strengthen the heroes by donating cards, enhance equipment in your inventory and gain more experience.

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