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Kingdom of hyral – is known as the "birthplace of warriors", and is feared by other kingdoms because of their training regiment and combat techniques. Their growth in strength was also accompanied with a lust for power and a desire to expand their territory. Avalon – hero of the people and brilliant commander who fights to reclaim his kingdom. Prince of Silverwing, excels at commanding troops, and is charged with restoring Silverwing city to its former glory. Rufio – peerless northern warrior who battles to become the world's greatest gladiator. Warrior of the North that excels at breaking through the enemy's front line. For taking the lead in disrupting enemy formations, there is no better choice. Avril – gifted ice mage determined to restore her magical temple to its former glory. Self proclaimed mage prodigy, excels at attacking magic class heroes.

Art of Conquest cheats android, ios hack codes

Art of Conquest –  hack codes

Your troops will escape the battlefield if their morale is too low. You will not lose any of your troops if you decide to leave the battle or try again. Strong physique – Rufio is a grizzled veteran of many battles, granting him a rugged body recovering faster after receiving serious injuries. Rufio's injury recovery time is reduced by 8%. If you lose too many troops after a victory, you can decide to try again. You can get honor during siege by killing enemies and destroying walls. Heroes recover one energy point every two hours. Dwarven rocketeers will deal the most damage to enemy troops stacked together. When changing races, your building levels are preserved. Hospital -a certain percentage of troops that would have died during battle will become injured instead. Injured troops can be treated here.

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Art of Conquest –  cheats secret bug
The human's spearmen will deal a massive amount of damage to any unit that has a charge ability. When changing races, your building levels are preserved. In real time duels, the game does not pause while you target your ability. Lich troops' morale will not be affected during battle. The lich's warlocks can revive the dead and summon skeletons to help them in battle. Commander heroes are best at leading large amount of troops. You can find kingdom allies by looking at the kingdom option. There is a 48 hour colldown when your reset your hero's abilities.

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1. DDQHXePNNC - honor
2. zcTzRSTsBa - chest
3. YXD9F250vO - gold
4. zzcpvTUtfN - mana
5. m5vOMl0QRr – unlimited energy
6. wbo51WnynT - resources
7. uztf3bzpoq - wood
8. txFgLBnlGN - treasures

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