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Three hundred years ago, a flaming meteor fell from the sky, causing great destruction and loss of life.
Many other Calamities befell mankind since then. Among the ruins of a world long gone, the northern and the southern kingdoms clashed in a deadly war.
However, wars are the business of kings. baron Rouley hired me to search fro strixes, pieces of stone somehow connected to that meteor.
Right now, the baron is leading my men and myself to his estate near Friga, the capital of the kingdom of Isana.

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Combat basics: fight your enemy by using cards to summon characters to the battlefield. The opponent’s hero - bring their HP down to zero to win! Your hero - heroes command other fighters but stay clear of the action. Select a tile to place your character.
Select the tile Vai to equip the ring and give him an attack bonus. Once you’ve played a character and an item, your characters will begin to move and attack. Then, your turn will end.

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At the start of your turn, you get 1 character card and 1 support card. Each turn, you can also play one card of each type.
During your turn, you can move your characters on their lines any numbers of times until you play a character card an a support card. Each unit may equip up to 2 items. Pick the boots. Once soldier equips the boots, he’ll get speed boost.
Ash of Gods wiki
We searched the robbers’ camp and found a locked chest. Go to the quest window to open such chests. Any chest that cannot be opened on the spot is brought to the city. You can open such chests here.
The key to victory is a well - crafted deck. let’s have a look at yours. It always contains exactly eight cards. Cards you do not yet own are darkened. Tap on a character to view their description.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Valuable rewards appear here every day. You can buy them for fame and gold. You can earn fame by completing missions in the ring.
  • Advanced combat - it is very important to know how characters and items work in order to fight efficiently.
  • Tap on soldier's card twice to read its detailed description.
  • Speed of the character is the number of tiles they may cover every turn as they move towards ana enemy character.
  • Range of a character's attack is measured in tiles. Range 1 means that the unit can only attack an enemy in an adjacent tile.

Ash of Gods tips
Hack cheats tutorial Ash of Gods(wiki): Unity:
  • The sword icon means that this character has a range of 1. When the range is more than 1, an arrow icon will appear next to the character's attack stat.
  • Item limit, protection and etc - this is a description of all features and attributes of a specific character. The name of an attribute comes first, followed by its description. It is easy to understand how they work.
  • If you want to win, learn what your allies and enemies are capable of. Read their descriptions.
  • Tap the support card twice to view its description. Tags are displayed at the top, followed by item attributes.
  • For most items, your character has to be from a certain faction in order to use them.

Ash of Gods tutorial

Tips to repair durability Ash of Gods:

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Small squares appeared under soldier’s attack and health stats. They stand for the number of items he has equipped (white squares) and can equip (dark squares).
A shield icon signifies extra defenses (armor or a threshold). You can learn more about a character (allied or enemy) during the battle by double tapping on their tile.
Right - here you can see icons of the cards played by your enemy in the previous turn. Tap on an icon to see the full description.
Ash of Gods tips to repair
While a character card is selected, on screen hints will show what this character will do at the end of the turn (depending on the line you pick for them).
Some cards only work with specific types. First tag, soldier, indicates the faction this character belongs to. You can always see the faction flag in the right corner of the card. Cards have 3 types of rarity: common (blue), epic (purple) and legendary (orange).
You can upgrade any card by experience cards. An arrow on the button indicates that you have enough credit to upgrade the card. how and where enter
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