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Free hack Astral Chronicles cheats code list - coupon, characters, summon SSR card, promo ticket, honor, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Astral Chronicles cheat world: at the beginning of the big bang, the ends of all stories were destined Stars will fall, all honor will perish, and truth will emerge... then disappear. That’s what we call - destiny. You're the last hope to protect the world! I'm not sure how much you will remember once you arrive in the past. But we can only rely on you! Please save the world, save Cynthia. Do it just like last time!

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Controls: approach or tap the monster to attack, swipe to cast skills. SLide to cast ultra skill.
Characters: Rangers are supposed to attack from the rear. Don’t let the enemies get close to rangers. Healing the wounds is the vocation of chanters. Which is your class: warrior - frontrow assassin, high dodge and critical chance. Guardian - frontrow tank, high damage absorption. Ranger - backrow damage dealer, great basic attack damage. Sorcerer - damage dealer with various skills. Enchanter - healer of the whole team.

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I am the blade that hands above the world. No invader shall be spared. By Castellan’s order, when it comes to survival or extinction, i will fight to death. The Astral realm is vast, yet there is no place for humanity. Today, we will fight for survival! Fight for glory! Glory for humanity! If you wield it, you will become the destroyed of worlds. Is this what you really want? I knew that along time ago! There is no shadow in my justice and judgment at all. Everything! Everything that i lost! I will take them back by myself! All of them! Perish in front of my beauty! Let’s go, buddy! It’s time to hunt the demons....

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Instructions: Party - from here you can enter the formation interface and deploy me into battle to fight with you! In this way, you do not have to fight alone when you meet enemies next time! The star ring is the most widely used magical item foe adventurers! It can store items, track locations, and also record commission quests. There is a total of five attributes of water, fire, thunder, light, and dark, and the attribute damage can be reduced by the corresponding resistance.

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