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Dear warrior, the demons are ready to stir trouble. We need you now! Join us and protect Yars against attack. The adventurer guild is recruiting warriors, go visit the mentor to become adventurer. Take weapon, you cannot beat the devils in bare hand. Look for the hunting mentor, and ask her to teach you some battle skills. All adventurers will tattoo the light totem on their bodies, and it can provide power to you. So that, you can stay in the light and protect the justice of world. The light totem brought by the archangel, the one with strong mind can use the power of totem, which is light power.

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I give blessed shirt to you, it can defend the dangers for you! Not long ago, the animals in magic town become strangely brutal, they stated attacking human and i need you to protect now. It hurts my heart of seeing you here without any preparation. Go find uncle Julian and ask for some HP potion, you can use it in emergency. I found out that those crazy animals will release some demon aura, and i am familiar to that, it is the aura of seven demons. There is a legend in Yars land. In hundred years ago, a falling meteorite smashed a crack in dark pool and released the demons from hell.

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The represent seven sins, and people called them Seven demons. Later the archangel lead the human and elf to seal demons. Who knows they can escape from there. This is one of camp of adventurer guild, Rae has lead a team to search in the woods. You can walk around the camp to check if the monsters come. Gear that is not enhanced, is not a good gear! Tap on forge button to open the enhance interface. Press auto enhance. You do not need to tap multiple times.
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Parts level will be inherited completely when changing gear. Adventurer, i see that you have the aura of sphere. Tap on the empty sphere slot to open sphere bag, and view the owned sphere. Select the sphere to be embedded, embed sphere can improve stats. Feeding pets can increase pet stats and gain powerful skills. Vip trial: activate Vip to enjoy 18 exclusive privileges. Instant flight, infinite teleportation, EXP is increased by 30% for mob grinding. Supreme VIP exclusive title.

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