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This is the orchard of Harmonia. The Migmies grow the Harmelon; the Zefts strut along the Zeft Height; the Awisis twitter among the Awisi Woods; the Arktans roar throughout the Arktan Valley; and the Peyskas boast of their Peyska Spring. The Meryos reside within the United Town suburbs. In town, they all come together in Harmony. The Demi-gods protect everyone. Using zodiac powers that enrich both mind and body, they fight to protect the Harmony from the Noises. The chosen ones battle the bringers of chaos for three years before leaving our world. Many parents tell their children that the Demi-gods go on to play among the stars. But even children know the truth: to obtain zodiac powers, a Demi-gods must pay with their life. They receive three years of glory. Then they die, leaving their families greatly compensated and the most wonderful gift of all: Harmony. And so we grow up in fear, knowing that one day we too might be selected for greatness.

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