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Centuries ago a hostile alien alliance, Known as the Crux, drove us from our home. We believed it was the end - it was only the beginning. In the generations since we fled our galaxy. Humanity has flourished. Our battle fleets are unparalleled in human history. Our worlds thrive, growing each day under the watchful eyes of their leaders.

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The discovery of Thonium has given us unimaginable power and technology.
Commander, most of our major planetary facilities have been destroyed. The enemy fleet could return at any minute. We need you to order reconstruction, or we’ll be left defenseless. First, let me check the commander info in order to restore the lost database.

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We can use the construction acceleration function for faster construction. The Empyrean Merchants union has requested permission to establish a branch office on our planet. This is an excellent sign - if they’re paying attention to us, our rebuilding is well and truly on track.
The E.M.U is far more than just a trading organization. They have access to cutting edge technology, and the reach of their influence is very long. They will be of great help to us, directly or otherwise.
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Develops your planet through efficient construction and resource management. Basic science is the basis of national development and military strength.
You can find one of the following wanted criminal groups using the wanted poster. The types of wanted criminals will depend on the wanted poster.

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  • Strengthen your fleet to eradicate troops that threaten the planet.
  • I've prepared a briefing regarding the introduction of new policies. The coices you make will determine how our planet grows and fights.
  • There are a total of six possible policies you can establish, but first, you must first choose between liberalism, which honors the will of the people, and despotism, which prioritizes the order of their leader.
  • The E.M.U has issued guidance for planets doing business with them - they suggest self governing planets of the old Thetmes Empire should be Liberal. But these are troubled times, and sometimes a strong hand...

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  • Choosing which policy path to follow is the right of every planetary commander, and swift decisions with a firm hand may keep your people safer.
  • Every choice has strengths and weaknesses, but remember that high grade policies also require policy points.
  • The available policy points are displayed on the lower part of the policy screen. You can utilize more points with higher leader and command center levels.

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Destroyer - are medium ships designed to defend large ships from smaller targets such as frigates. This small ship uses quick and precise beams to attack smaller enemy ships first. It is the most effective when intercepting frigate but it is vulnerable against enemies with high resistance.
Frigate - this small ship attacks the enemy from the back with its characteristic rail guns. It is rather weak but can deal tremendous damage to larger ships, particularly battleships.
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