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Ryza’s room: is the foundation of the game, so make sure you learn the features available here. This is where you can save and load your progress. You can also rest here, which will move time forward to morning, day, dust, or night. But make sure you prioritize adventuring over sleeping all day!
If you run into a monster in the field, you’ll go into battle. The goal in battle is to defeat all the enemies; once their HP reaches 0, you win.

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You have two gauges. The top one is your HP; if every party member’s HP reaches 0, you lose. The timeline moves in real time; when a character’s image reaches the bottom, it’s their turn. The timeline won’t stop, even when you’re making selections. So be careful! When it’s your turn, select an action from the choices on the right. Normal attacks don’t cost any AP (action points), and you’ll gain AP when you attack. Skills “do” cost AP, but will give you access to powerful abilities.

Atelier Ryza Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout cheats, hack codes

You can move your characters to better position them, or to flee from battle. Press A and use a normal attack! Since you used a normal attack, you gained AP! Your AP is shared among all allies in battle. AP will also go up when they attack. Other actions may also consume AP, so use your points wisely! YOu can raise your tactics level by earning maximum AP, then consuming it all at once. Raising your tactics level will provide a number of benefits during battle. Press “-” to raise your tactics level.
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With your tactics level increased, normal attacks can now hit twice! Press A at the right moment to execute multiple attacks. If you reach tactics level 3, you can strike an enemy 3 times in a row. Okay, press A to hit the enemy multiple times! When your tactics level goes up, so will your maximum AP, allowing you to save up even more. Also, some skills will become even stronger. Press X to use your strengthened ability! Press UP and DOWN to toggle between aggressive mode and negative mode. In aggressive mode, other party members will consume AP to use their skills. Take some time to experiment and learn how to fight!

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What we’ve got here is one of the most basic forms of alchemy - the recipe for Green supplement. Alchemy allows you to create something from nothing, but it you don’t follow the proper steps, you’re doomed to fail. So watch carefully to make sure that doesn’t happen. You see the collection of materials you’ll need to toss into the cauldron? This is known as the material loop. Alchemy is all about adding the right items to the material loop in order to create whatever you desire. First we’ll add the nameless grass, which you gathered earlier, into the material loop. I’m sure this is obvious, but you need to posses the necessary materials before you begin synthesizing. So if you find anything that’s useful for alchemy, make sure you gather plenty of it. XoH67E - supply box
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Atelier Ryza Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout secrets: By adding a second nameless grass, a new material loop connected and unlocked its hidden power. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should just add a bunch of strong materials at random. You have to consider how a material might connect to the material loop, and add the appropriate ones. Most recipes will tell you exactly how many of each material you’ll need for a synthesis. Green supplement requires at least 3 materials in total, so adding the nameless grass and the water did the trick. Finally, you need to mix the cauldron to begin the actual synthesis. how and where enter

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