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Hero HP - you will lose the game when your HP reaches 0. Play a card to attack an enemy unit! Enemy hero’s ATK - this ATK is gained from total soul point of enemy’s units. Unit can attack back based on the direction of its arrow(s). Your hero’s ATK - this ATK is gained from total soul point of your units. THis in phase, your unit will attack based on the direction of its arrows.

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The unit on the battlefield will attack back to any unit that is just played in this turn. Hero’s ATK will be lost whenever a unit with soul point is destroyed (ATK decreases depending on the unit’s soul point). A unit cannot counterattack if it doesn’t have corresponding arrows toward the opposing enemy. At the beginning of your turn, your hero will attack enemy hero based on the total soul points gained from units on the field.

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Defeat the death knight - use aura to boost your units’ power agains enemy’s dark force. Play more cards to spend the remaining ap. Units has an aura ability. Nearby heroes will earn buffs from aura ability. AP will refill at the start of your turn. Giant smile has a taunt ability. At the start of your turn, we will draw cards to fill your hand on a maximum of 5 cards.
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Always think ahead of your move. Last wish - activate ability when unit is destroyed. Awaken - activate ability when a card played from hand. Countless number of strategies There are six factions in Athenion. Each faction has a different unique play style, and each style can be played in several ways depending on your strategy.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.
  • When you're about to lose in the next turn, your HP will flash.
  • Armor can absorb damage and will not be destroyed after receiving attacks.
  • You can purchase a hero skin at the shop.
  • Players can climb the leaderboard in ranked mode.
  • The second player will always earn a soul booster card.
  • Visit our shop to earn a free gift daily.

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Hack cheats tutorial Athenion(wiki): Heroes:
Alex (flame legion) - in Marans, the land of fighters, everything can be judged in the arena fight. And the title Champion of Marans the one who can destine the fate of the land, belongs to Alex.
Tear (tidal nether) - Tear was born in a noble merman family of the Allard ocean. She was born with the power to control water element which is sometimes, too powerful to handle.
Bruno (planet guardian) - high guardian of Jaka, creator of the stone wall that protects Jaka kingdom from war. In the land of Jaka, all life live peacefully together.
Ralana (cyclone Fury) - the curious girl from Giara who has the gift to control the wind, sneaked past the stone wall to the land of Jaka. She was captured by the Guardian who thought that she was a spy.
Athenion tutorial

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