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At shop, you can exchange or purchase various items in addition to unit. These products will change, so check the shop from time to time. First exchange coins and athroid. You got the first character. In order to operate the owned unit, it is necessary to synchronize with the Athroid. Return to the home screen once, then move to hangar.
At hangar, you can check your owned hero. Also synchronize with system here for paticipate in any competitions. By synchronizing, you will be able to operate the soldier.

ATHROID2020 cheats, hack codes

1. U1ZOA81M - coins
2. SAPjb2S0 - level up
3. Enter ihhfbOcD - increase stats
4. Pass worVGaLl - unlock robots
5. accGhLht - World Cup Ticket ×20
6. Enter sTWWPrSS - High Spec CPU ×3
7. juaxt49N - Event Point
8. DlKsQHCB - upgrade
9. XbqkcAre - secret combination
10. ZjbUkZ3t - game coupon code

Control info ATHROID2020: first press the competition button and get used to each competitions in training mode. The hero starts operation by pressing the start button. Press the sync button at the arrow position with good timing. Hand throw competes for the distance to throw the character's arm. Power is determined in the first step. The second step, determine the take off position. Disqualified if you exceed 3 crossings. The third step, determine the throw angle. 45 is the optimal angle. The 4th step, determine the boost power to fly further. 5th - use hack tools, activate the boost just before landing.

Basics ATHROID2020 cheats code list:
hand throw - if the power gauge is over in the 1st step (if the gauge is cracked), it will be thrown at the lowest power. If you exceed the limit, do not overdo it. If you cross the take off line on purpose, you can challenge up to 3 time (in training mode, or use cheat codes as many times as you want). The first operation is difficult because the sync button is small and appears in random positions. Repeating the competition will increase the level of hero and make operation easier. Research has progressed by repeating the competition, and the laboratory has opened.

Hack Mode ATHROID2020: worker - an improved version of the android for carrying baggage. The speed of movement is fast, so the ability is demonstrated at 400m Dash. Also the ability in long jump can be expected.
At the laboratory, research is being conducted daily to improve the performance. When you complete a research task, you will get items or coins code, and new tasks may be announced. Also, depending on the task, a new model unit may be completed. Complete many tasks, use cheat and get better hero.
Archery mode - determines the angle of the bow in the 1st step. 5 degrees is the optimal angle. 2nd - determine the power of the bow. The optimum power depends on the bow angle in the 1st step. The 3rd step - determine the horizontal position of the bow. When the target is in the center, press the sync button. In this competition, complete in the total score of 3 arrows. The higher the accuracy and skill of hero ,the easier it is to aim.

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Tips & tricks, android gameplay secrets:

Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. High jump starts with setting the height of the bar. Slide and fine tune with the arrows. First, let’s challenge from 20m. Determine the power - at the center of the pow point that appears 3 times, press the sync button. The height - when the yellow line reaches the arrow, press the sync. Go over the bar - when the yellow line reaches the arrow, press the sync button.
  • 2. High jump tips - you can challenge this competition up to 3 times or use cheats. If you can not cross the bar all 3 times, your points will be zero. Jump over the height you can at first, then raise the bar. In the competition, the highest point in the 3 times is adopted as the point.
  • 3. 400m dash - press the sync button when the signal lamp turns blue. At the center of the pow point that appears 10 times, press the sync to accelerate.
  • 4. 400m dash tips: at the start, the better the timing, the Athroid starts faster. However, if you fail 3 times, you will be disqualified and your points will be zero. Challenge the best timing and if you fail twice, start the 3rd time with plenty of time.
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