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GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
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1986 - the year our world turned to ashes. The atomic flame, unleashed by the leaders of the East and the West like a jinni from it's bottle, circled the globe in mere minutes, and devoured it to the bone. Without sparing neither the innocent nor the guilty. Without naming a victor to the bloody war. The nuclear blaze destroyed everything in its path, including the reason for the conflict that sent the remnants of Humanity back into the dark ages. Back into a primeval state with no government, no technology, no culture and no morals.
2005, 19 years have passed from the day of the great Purge. Both once glorious Empires and their loyalists now lie in ruins. However, amidst these ruins, new civilizations start to rise up to the unforgiving sun. From the rusted, radioactive derelict of the old world new Ersatz states both brave and wild, emerge, to join the never ending battle for the right to exist on the planet mutilated beyond recognition by the flames of Apocalypse.
There is a biscuit on the table. Turn on item highlight to highlight it. Tap on the biscuit to pick it up. You picked up the discuit. Tap on your digital assistant screen and open your inventory. Pull the biscuit onto the character to eat it.
Open the inventory and drag the ley into slot-1 (as shown on the image). This will make your character take the key into his hand. After that, tap on the door, and the character will automatically use the key on it.
In the digital assistant, you can view your skills and statistics for you and your team members.
Take the weapon from the table. Pull it into an active slot. To attack a sassive target, tap on your weapon as shown, and then tap on the target.
ATOM RPG Characteristics
Strength - governs maximum carry weight, intimidation in dialogues, melee and unarmed damage, and slightly affects maximum health.
Endurance - total maximum health, resistance against negative effects, and the survival skill all depend on Endurance.
Dexterity - governs your combat speed, chance to dodge blows, and accuracy in melee, as well as lock picking and Theft.
Intellect - affects number of skill points allocated on level up, and opens new dialogue option.
Attention - governs accuracy in ranged combat, gives additional dialogue options, and allows you to spot hidden details in your surroundings.
Personality - affects speechcraft and Barter skills, as well as general reactions to the player.
Martial arts - this skill governs your ability to kick and punch during combat. Melee weapons -your skill with knives, axes and shivs. Pistols and SMG - governs your ability to handle smaller firearms, like pistols and submachine guns. Rigles &shotguns - covers larger firearms such as rigles and shotgun.
Cannibal - for reasons unknown, you have cannibalistic tendencies, and there is absolutely nothing okay about that.
Glutton - the pangs of hunger hit you harder than your skinnier brethren, but your huge paunch offers additional protection from danger.
Unlucky optimist -you're unlucky most of the time, but when Lady luck does take a shine to you, it's blinding!Critical hit damage up!
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