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1986, the year our world turned to ashes. The atomic flame, unleashed by the leaders of the East and the West like a jinni from it’s bottle, circled the globe in mere minutes, and devoured it to the bone...Without sparing neither the innocent nor the guilty. Without naming a victor to the bloody war. The nuclear blaze destroyed everything in its path, including the reasons for the conflict that sent the remnants of humanity back into the dark ages. Back into a primeval state with no government, no technology, no culture... and no morals.

2005. 19 years have passed from the day of the great Purge. Both once glorious Empires and their loyalists now lie in ruins. However, amidst these ruins, new civilizations start to rise up to the unforgiving sun. From the rusted, radioactive derelict of the old world, new Ersatz states both brave and wild, emerge, to join thenever ending battle for the right to exist on the planet multiated beyond recognition by the flames of Apocalypse.

ATOM RPG cheats, hack codes

Increase characteristics: bpFhulBs - attention: governs accuracy in ranged combat, gives additional dialogue options, and allows you to spot hidden details in your surroundings. ZHvD6nfE - personality: affects speechcraft and barter skills, as well as general reactions to the player. Tt46cJr5 - intellect codes: affects number of skill points allocated on level up, and opens new dialogue options. vkupmTl0 - dexterity cheats: governs your combat speed, chance to dodge blows, and accuracy in melee, as well as lock picking and theft.

Skills hack tools: WM8TDVS9 - martial arts: this skill governs your ability to kick and punch during combat. - melee weapons: your skill with knives, axes, and shivs. GwxSDsnY - pistols and SMG: governs your ability to handle smaller firearms, like pistols and submachine guns. wn1qtfWM - rifles & shotguns: this skill covers larger firearms such as rifles and shotguns. jYSIw7T6 - throwing weapons: your ability to throw knives and grenades in combat, as well as your effectiveness with all kinds of crossbows. mOTTQcjf - speechcraft codes: your ability to influence others with words. Speech also helps you to avoid fights with bandits on the global map. hKk8ZuVd - barters cheats: represents your trading ability and will sometimes allow you to get discounts when bartering. nRSygAn5 - gambling hack tools: your skill at games of chance. Also opens special dialogue options with other gamblers. IsPtzLyt - survival: helps you locate points of interest during your travels, avoid combat on the global map, and travel faster. tpzwsD68 - first aid: your skill at treating minor injures. Also reduces the chance of suffering negative traits such as alcoholism, drugs addiction, etc.

ATOM RPG gift codes, hack, note.

Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. Use cheats mlAKmsnq - increase stats, characteristics, weapon, secret rooms, food.
  • 2. Open the inventory and drag the key into slot. THis will make your character take the key into his hand. After that, tap on the door, and the character will automatically use the key on it.
  • 3. Take the weapon from the table. Pull it into an active slot. To attack a passive target, tap on your weapon and then tap on the target.
  • 4. Gift redeem codes obtain deluxe pack:
    1. cXuPaC8sHzQ1wrv
    2. 7ayp5FelF0B3KYl
    3. Exz7gkdPbmmp5ik
    4. m76q84HvLVHPAv8
    5. cltRkpxrdDYFZt6
  • 5. TO give orders to your team member during battle, long tap on them and pick the command you wish to give. To skip turn, tap the skip turn button.

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