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Free hack Attack on Titan cheats code list - coupon, characters, gold, promo ticket, legendary equipment, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Attack on Titan cheat world: the battle is about to begin. You must be careful not to push yourself too hard. 0m-5m can get perfect attack. Our right flank hs been stunned and is unable to move, but our fury is full. Use Christa to recover HP for us. Hack can increase attack for all teammates. Let Hange launch a heavy bombardment. More and more titans are approaching us! We must evacuate to a safe place right away.

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Controls: look, this is our city, also the main interface of the game. Your teammates are waiting in the barracks. Let’s cheat them - diamond draw. We’re going to have an ODM gear drill today. I’m really looking forward to it. When we learn how to fight with ODM gear, we might stand a chance against the titans. Remember the combat skills you leaned before? You must cut off the flesh from a titan’s nape to completely eliminate it. Timing is very important. Perfect attack only occurs when an attack is launched at a distance of 5-0 m.

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Good, great and perfect attack increases your team’s morale and takes the chance to form “combo” attacks. Keep in mind that the more “combo” attacks, the more damage will be dealt with titans! Stacked attack - a perfect 6 combo can cause 1,5x damage bonus at most. When a BAD attack occurs, your combo will be terminated and your attack will be weakened.

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Instruction: Each normal attack can gain 25 fury points. Once the fury is full, slide up the soldier’s icon to active skill and dealt massive damage to titans. You must make good use of character skills to attack opponents. Eren’s furry skill can stun titans. The titan’s fury is full. If he releases a skill, it’ll deal devastating damage to us. Stun him to make him unable to release the skill. Releasing skills won’t take up normal attack rounds.

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