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YHfMpv - resources (food)
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JCVQWy - experience
ejbj4I - lucky box
T9gPnK - gear
cH7C5O - secret mode code
jY5Iz3 - luxury bag
elEs6Z - free coupons
exHPlG - gem pack
1WOJz0 - promotion
nEGygl - fixed bug
qre30z - evolve hack
FjhDqP - gift code 2020
When the demon king self destructed, he detonated the portal, unleashing an explosion which razed the demonic legion and tore AURA asunder. Lucifinil and the three seers conjured a mighty barrier to shield the creatures of AURA, but they themselves were swallowed by the blast.
Survivors of the cataclysm did not give up hope. Generation after generation they continue to build, determined to restored their worlds to its former glory.

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In time, the seeds of hope took root on the floating lands, sprouting and growing into flourishing societies to revive the old civilizations. Emporia, Binan, Kirkma mighty cities rose up from the earth. A new age had begun! You are the witness and a pioneer to the new age. It’s time for your own adventure begin!
Battles will continue automatically. You can claim rewards whether you are online or not. Remember to login and claim your rewards regularly.

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1. TxopSR - level up
2. WgIadY - voucher
3. o9tASL - shard
4. 83nzKY - artifact
5. QmFkEj - characters

Gain friend points from visiting other players, completing events, use code vvngO7. Experience book can improve teammate level in a adventure team. Use hack cheats and user promotion materials to promote your companion at maximum level to increase the level cap. Promotion increase level cap, grants stats growth and even new skills. Your earnings increase as you pass more battlefields and defeat more bosses. The tavern is now open, this is the place to recruit special adventure partners. Remember to check it out often.
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Rewards - here shows your earnings you get every minute, even if you leave game, you will get it. Click on the drop info you can also view the current battlefield and get information about earnings. Get intel from battle to receive adventure quests. You have to pass the trial of the quests if you want to be an adventure king.
Skills: fireball - attack a single target, inflicting burn on the enemy.

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1 g44IGb upgrade
2 yOJYYl gem crystal
3 ZP1QTQ coupon
4 Kfck3T promo code
5 o8CjFz gift box
6 xe9e4f gold coins
7 Q257R7 month card
8 Qkocgl premium pack
9 utMdLA legendary gear
10 BWNxBj vip ticket
11 Rt5QdD gear pack

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Create and develop the in-depth strategy to achieve victory and let the adventure lead you to the story of its magical lands. Explore original random dungeons, co-op with other players in this Skyland and enjoy the immersive experience with dramatic storylines and sensational challenging battles.
48Seom - recruit (get more partners)
da1uI4 - hero awakening (qualitative leap)
gw62dQ - promotion
20MsMw - quick battle grants earnings equal to 120 minutes of battle, 1 free attempts per day.
ukJUkr - upgrade rune
5VQiVR - level up character
xsyawz - enhance equipment
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