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Aura Kingdom 2 Game: Welcome, Governor. We are highly excited to meet all of you and look forward to a great adventure together. Before you start your adventure, please refer to the following information about the soft launch: soft launch will start from apr. All the progress made during the soft launch will be retained when aura kingdom 2 is released in all designated countries and platforms. Pre registration gift: redeem the gift codes in-game through x-widget (the yellow assistive tool)> gift box icon.

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Soft Launch event: Eidolon Gacha - SR oR SSR Eidolon guaranteed with your first 10 draws. Diamond Eidolong gacha - more chance to get Serena and Anthea! Costume and mount - get school uniform, butterfly wings and mount silvermoon Cheetah immediately! 7 day courses - guides all envoys into the world of Ramayan. You will be able to get items and resources like skill books, golds, Eidolon EXp and mount gachas. You can obtain rare SR Eidolon bag by 2-day successive login. Build your own team by collecting the Eidolons!

Aura Kingdom 2 cheats, hack codes

Opening rush - reach designated envoy power in 7 days to receive SSR character and mount Skyreaver. Top up gifts: by topping up the designated amount of diamonds, you will receive extra level 50 weapon, mount, wings, costume, and more.
A hundred years ago, this world was facing a crisis. Five powerful dragons and demons mercilessly destroyed the home of mankind with overwhelming power. At that time, my friends and i made huge sacrifices to defeat green dragon Peladika and seal other dragons with Holy stones, and eventually was able to stop the attack. Now the demon lord is leading an army himself. The holy stone barrier set up previously won’t be able to stand the attack. And the sealed dragons are also likely to wake up at any time.
As an Envoy of Gaia, you have unlimited possibilities. Please accept this remaining power. Let me be your Eidolon and fight with you!
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Characters: Shinobi - an assassin specialized in swordplay and poisons. Dragoon - a warrior who mastered halberd and inherited the will of dragons. Elementalist - an envoy of elementals who turn impossible into possible. Nymph - a manifestation of nature from another world. Drake guard - a warrior who mastered halberd and inherited the will of dragons.

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