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Free hack Aurora Legend cheats code list - promotion, intel, gold, promo ticket, exp books, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Aurora Legend cheat world: Aurora was once a beautiful world, peaceful and prosperous. The sudden arrival of demons destroyed this idyllic existence. They seized the land and enslaved the people, plunging the world into chaos and darkness. The people of Aurora suffered years of unspeakable cruelty at their barbed hands before the bugles of freedom finally sounded.

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Under the leadership of guardian angel Lucifinil and the three great seers, Aurorean rebels won victory after victory against the demons. The time for the final battle had come. When the demon king self destructed, he detonated the portal. Unleashing an explosion which razed the demonic legion and tore aurora asunder. Lucifinil and the three seers conjured a mighty barrier to shield the creatures of Aurora, but they themselves were shallowed by the blast.
Survivors of the cataclysm did not give up hope. generation after generation they continued to build, determined to restore their world to its former glory. In time, the suppliess of hope took root on the floating shards of land, Sprouting and growing into flourishing societies to revive the old civilizations. Emporia, Pirren, Kokama mighty cities rose up from the earth. A new age had begun! It’s time for your adventure to begin!

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Battles will continue automatically. You can claim rewards whpromotion you are online or not! Remember to login and claim your rewards regularly! EXP book can be used to level up squad member. Level up to become more powerful. Promotion increases level cap, grants growth and even new skills.

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Your earnings increase as you pass more battlefields and defeat more enemies. The tavern is open now, go there from time to time to recruit companions. Combine Sunny buffs to a certain teammate to get a better effect. Rewards - your earnings per minute will be shown here. YOu will get earnings even after you leave Aurora. Tap drop into to view the items you can get on this battlefield.

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