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How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Archer - are good at using their range advantages to smash the weakest points in the enemy's formation from a distance.
Sword - are experts in close combat. They are always on the most dangerous front line, causing the deadliest damage to the enemy.
Caster - all have unique abilities, they can heal and inspire teammates, and they can also interfere and control enemies.
Tank - have the courage to appear at the forefront, shouldering the responsibility of protecting teammates and taking damage.
Auto heroes Hack Bond
Royal - as a result of the cataclysm, the royal army of Celia lost most of its elite. In order to defend their homeland, many normal people have joined this army.
Scavenger - after the destruction of the Shivan empire, survivors wandered hard in Altuo, claiming to be Scavengers. They are eager to return to Kavala Mountain all the time and ignite the huge melting furnace again.
Traveler - this group of people hunting and migrating in the wilderness are called Traveler. They accepted all those living in isolation, so some of the foreigners who had crossed over to Altuo soon became one of them.
Mystic - after the demise of the Ashio Kingdom, the descendants still maintained a mysterious style. Little is known about them, except that they are still tirelessly searching for the night god, so they are called Mystic.
Knights quest
1. In order to motivate the new knight commanders, the kingdom has issued a time limited Knight quests.
2. The Knights quests last 14 days and contains dozens of sub missions. Each sub-task is divided into three layers of goals. If you complete a layer of goals, you can get corresponding rewards.
3.At the same time, each completion of all objectives under a sub-mission, you can get a promotion emblem. Accumulating emblems will improve your knights rating.
4. Every day the kingdom will issue special rewards to the knights who have been upgraded. Don't forget to collect them in the mailbox.
1. After reaching 6 stars, the hero can unlock his gems.
2. Gems have main attributes and bonus attributes. The main attributes provide a large amount of health and attack, and the bonus attributes will be a secondary bonus to the sub attributes on the equipment.

For example:
a) Wearing two pieces of equipment increases the critical chance by 10% and 20% respectively. b)Among the gem bonus attributes, there is “equipment critical chance +40%”. c) Increased critical chance on gems = equipment sub critical change*gem bonus ration, ie (10%+20%)*40% = 12%. d) Therefore, the gem will provide a 12% critical chance.
3. After the gem's bonus attributes appear, it is necessary for the hero to wear a certain number of equipment stars to be activated.
4. Players can upgrade and raise gems. After the upgrade, the main attributes will be improved. After raising, level caps and more bonus attributes be unlocked.
5. Players can refine gems at any time. After refining, the type and value of bonus attributes will change. Refine a lot to get the gems most suitable for heroes.
Private item
1. When a hero awaken to 7 stars, a special event will unlock. The first private item of this hero will be unlocked when you finish this event.
2. The private items will provide attribute bonuses, which will increase as the level increases. After reaching level 10, 20 and 30, the hero will obtain a powerful exclusive effect.
3. Each hero has more than one private items. Only one can be actived at the same time. More private items will gradually be added soon.
1. Open a detail interface of an area by clicking the area on the map.
2. You can send heroes patrol at an area. During patrol, you will gain resources, explore experiences, lost items and unlock story.
3. When an area's exploring level up, you can defeat a special Boss of this area and get special rewards.
Endless Abyss
1. In Abyss, you will come across powerful enemies.
2. You will receive rich rewards for each level of enemies slain and gain access to the next level.
3. When the enemies get tough, please try to adjust your lineup and positioning, or get further strengthened for the challenge.
Ruins adventure
1. In the challenge, you need to choose your path to complete 15 steps through the ruin.
2. During the process, you will encounter fight, story and strengthen challenges. 3. Every time you forward 1 step, the health of all alived heroes will restored by 10%. 4. The effect you gain from strengthen challenge only effective in ruins adventure challenge this time.
Warrior's arena
1. This is a single player arena of season duration. The first season will be set as test season and last for 6 weeks.
2. Players will fight against others 1 on 1 in Warrior's arena.
3. Players can fight some battles a day for free. After that, you need to consume arena tickets or use hack tools menu and enter cheat code to start the battle.
4. Winners can win warrior points and warrior coins. Losers will partially lost warrior points.
5. The warrior points can improve grade and ranking. The higher the grade, the richer the daily and season rewards you will get.
6. The warrior coins can be exchanged for precious items in the treasury, including the legendary heroes of each camp.
7. At the end of the season, last season's warrior's treasury will remain open for a week. After that, last season's warrior coins will be cleared. Don't forget to get all the rewards.
8. The new season's warrior coins can't be used for the rewards in last season's treasury.
1. You can use warrior coins to draw prizes for the treasury.
2. The treasury is divided into four camps, each of which will provide hero shards of its own camp as a unique reward.
3. Each treasure house contains 100 prizes. When you empty a treasure house, you will be able to choose a legend hero.
4. The first treasure house is opened free of charge. After that, each treasure house will cost a certain amount of warriors coins.
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