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1. Tkampkysou - level up 2. CRUKvLIyYh - voucher 3. RIz0wLq4DA - activation key 4. T0Q6UWmjhc - free play 5. a4dtl0etX3 - rank up Let me explain the basics of the game. This is the battlefield! As the beginning of each battle, you will be given three random pieces. You can buy pieces in the store. Let’s buy the Argor piece. The number of pieces that can take part in a battle simultaneously is limited, but you will be able to increase the limit in the future.

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Pieces that exceed the limit end up in the reserve and will not take part in the battle. Argor and Sir Loscot have the same spheres! Which means that they will synergize if they fight side by side. Let’s pick Argor instead of Elia. You’ve done a great job preparing for your first fight. Now charge.

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1. L3DVO6HJD1 - reward of the Rook 2. CXaeAGnk8E - treasury of the king 3. HiFMoPIH0t - silver chest 4. dgcBNKBktl - random bonus

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Congratulations. You win first round! At the beginning of each round, the store is updated, and new stars are credited to you. You’re in luck! Argor is now in the store. Two identical cards are automatically upgraded to the next level. Hurry and buy Argor! Elia is still in the reserve, so let’s use the remaining stars to increase the limit.
Auto Royal Chess wiki
Now let’s add Elia to the battlefield and get into the action. Two fights are happening at the same time. You defend yourself on your own battlefield, while your attack takes place on the enemy’s battlefield.
The attack was successful, the enemy’s health points were decreased. Once the enemy’s health reaches zero, they’re out, and you can celebrate victory!

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Skills:
  • Natural protection - passively gives allies 5 regeneration, and increases mana regeneration by 20%.
  • Demons trap - demons from the ancient chest poison enemies around them for 50 damage, and restore HP to the allies for the same amount.
  • Bestial fear - gives a terrifying cry, disarming nearby enemies for 3 seconds.
  • Arrow volley - fires a volley, bringing down a hall of arrows. Enemies in this area take 40 damage every 0,5 seconds.
  • Natural protection - creates a fire shield around herself, increasing her armor by 10 and dealing damage to nearby enemies.
  • Heavy paw - strikes the opponent with a crushing blow dealing 150 damage and stuns the target for 2 second.

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Hack cheats tutorial Auto Royal Chess(wiki): Spheres are special characteristics of a piece, by collecting which you gain additional advantages in combat. Each piece can have from two to four different spheres. In order for the spheres to take effect, you need to out a certain number of unique pieces with this sphere on the battlefield. Some spheres have several ranks; each rank enhances the sphere’s effect and requires a hinger number of pieces on the battlefield.
Auto Royal Chess tutorial

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