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Things are about to get ugly over here! Let’s prepare for battle! But first you need to hire heroes. Ypu got a few coins for that! By pressing “Best” button you can deploy your hest heroes onto the battlefield. You don’t have to use it all the time, but right now, just press it, okay?
To win a fight you need to defeat an enemy warlord. The more heroes survive, the mode damage he receives. As you can see, your enemies has 15 HP in total. If you wanna win, you gotta reduce it to zero.

Auto Battle Chess hack

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You can reinforce your allies by hiring their copies! These copies are highlighted. Hire them! But your squad size doesn’t allow you to deploy new hero. Tap cheat code button to expand your squad size. Typically, the price goes up each time you expand. But for now, here’s a discount! The shop refreshes each round but you can do it for a coin. As with everything, the war boils down to money.

Auto Battle Chess cheats, hack codes

We need to reinforce our heroes, tap shop button. Every 12 hours you can use a free summon. Now you have enough cards to level up characters. Level up hero to make it stronger. You can read the detailed info about your heroes by clicking on them in the battlefield or on stand-by. You receive a bonus each time you deploy several heroes of the same faction or class onto the battlefield. Highlighted empire symbol means that you’ve already got another empire hero, so you can activate the bonus.
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Assemble empire heroes - when enemy’s HP gets lower than 65%, they die. Soaring - ally magic resistance is increased. Mages - while attacking, allies receive extra mana. Warriors - a random warrior ally deals 50% extra damage to the adjacent enemies. Use battle tactics and special moves to each Hero and defeat your opponents! Level them up, bind them with others, turn them into Legendary ones, upgrade skills.

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