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In the ten years after the dismissal of Rishadan port, the Dawnlighthouse in charge of the port’s navigation remains bright. It is not so much to guide the way of the ship that does not know when to return, but rather to protect the tiny hope of those who wait for the return of the God of light.
You wake up, remember how to fight? Monsters coming up again. Choose the heroes you want to deploying to defeat them. The battle is automatic and the heroes will fight to the ened on their own.

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Heroes accumulate energy when they attack or take damage, and when the energy slot is full, they automatically cast abilities. Finally we back to the camp. Now you can strengthen your heroes in the camp. Now try to recruit new heroes to your knights. For each recruitment you’ll get gold. Come on, deploy new heroes into battle. Every unit is unique, try to use them in right way. Change the position of the battle soldiers to exert their maximum combat power.

Auto Heroes cheats, hack codes

Using resources to upgrade the heroes. try to upgrade a hero to level 2. Put on better equipment for heroes to increase their power. Collect 30 shards to recruit one random rare unit. When your soldiers are patrolling, you gain resource automatically. Once in a while, you can check the tools in the treasure chest. The enemy is defeated, and the capital is ahead. Come and see the situation of the capital.
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Skills: bite from void - ALice unleashes a hateful beast to gnaw at the target, dealing damage. Spiteful torture - sows seeds of hatred when dealing damage, having a chance to spawn hatred tentacles that will exist for a duration and attack nearby enemies. Hateful Gyre - the seeds of hatred gains ALice power, each tentacle on the field granting critical chance.

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