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Apart from summoning, heroes can also be merged from shards. You can summon the corresponding hero if you collect enough shards. There are always heroes who are dead weight, and we must dismiss them timely. Dismissing them will leave us with quite a bit of ores and gold. Now upgrade the heroes you left behind. There are plenty more enemies for them to fight later on. That our heroes have become stronger, let us dig deeper. You can deploy up to 5 heroes each battle. Warriors and druides are great at the front, whereas paladins and priests excel in the middle. Finally, mages and assassins bring up the rear. You will gain a 50 energy reward for appropriate placement. The longer your dig time, the better our gains, which cap out at 10h. Past that, these layabouts will stop working, so be sure to collect your gains timely.

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The roc shop is a handy place. We have some gems on hands, so let's buy some stuff. Items here will be reset regularly. Quickly buy the hero summon scrolls. 4 star heroes require 3 identical versions of themselves as materials. As you dig deep in the battle hall, stages in dungeon unlocks. Challenge and raid to win ancient gear for your heroes. Up to 5 units can be deployed each battle. Sturm of the stage has extremely high EVA. It is hard to touch him without enough hit. When enemies have high EVA, we can neutralize that by increasing HIT. Enhance gives extra stats and activates their 2nd, 3rd and 4th stats slots at enhance level 6, 11 and 16, respectively.
Recommend squad

Recommend squad: early stage - it is composed of two tank, one heal, and two monomer DPS. It can resist the enemy's attack and concentrate damage to reduce the enemy's personnel. Medium combination - the team is composed of elite 5-star heroes, so that the team has stronger combat effectiveness. Control weakening - through silence and freezing, the enemy's action is limited, and more attack opportunities are obtained, so as to defeat the opponent. Be easily targeted by immune control. Defensive endurace - using the superposition of continuous effect, our combat effectiveness will be higher and higher in the process of fighting. The combat effectiveness of the previous round is relatively low. Poisoning superposition - by stacking poisoning, the enemy will continue to suffer damage. The damage will increase with the battle. It is difficult to deal with the team that can resist poisoning.
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