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Free hack Avatar Kingdoms cheats code list - gold, evolve, summon hero, promo ticket, energy, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Avatar Kingdoms cheat world: we've lost contact with all the soldiers that entered the forest. There are more undead appearing within the forest. They're getting closer to the lighthouse. Controls: Fighting is not just about heros! Cast cards to grant your heroes various advantages. Multicast - hero will gain 2 extra targets on next attack.

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When a hero gains four points of anger, they can release their anger skill. Anger skills are very powerful, and can decide a battle. Each card has a required energy cost to be able to cast it. The minimap - you can view the entire map anytime. Gold coins and diamonds will be scattered about the map.

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Cards come with a variety of different effects, mix and match cards to find the greatest. Get handcard damage increase - increase hero damage. One hero will crit next attack. When facing different enemies, different cards will have different effects. Card spiked log - 3 spiked logs strike all grounded enemies. Thunderfall - inflict magic damage on 1 enemy, chance to cause Dizzy.

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