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Pandora an alien moon filled with unparalleled beauty, and incredible danger. It is also home of the Na’vi, a race who treasures their deep connection with all living things. But - with the arrival of the humans on Pandora - the balance of nature is now in peril. They attack the Na’vi’s sacred sites, and destroy the land so they can mine the precious resource that rests beneath them. The Na’vi are prepared to defend Pandora at whatever the cost. This “unobtanium” is the key to humans saving their own Earth from collapse. Who will prevail? Humans with their advanced military technologies? Or the Na’vi, with the forces of nature fighting, cheat codes at their side? The battle for Pandora has begun.

Avatar Pandora Rising hack

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Welcome, Director. You’re here just in time. We’ve got a massive Unobtanium deposit out there, and these natives are doing everything they can to keep us from it. They just took down my squadron with their banshees, and i barely made it out. We need fuel for the repairs. Let’s get the fuel refinery up and running and get Chacon back out there. This giant weed is called a Burnfiber. We named it that because it’s a great source of biofuel. Let’s get to it. Tree is sitting right on top of the Unobtanium deposit i was telling you about. That mineral is our ticket to saving Earth. Enemy have an army just outside our perimeter. let’s take them out before they get any closer.

Avatar Pandora Rising cheats, hack codes

1. dNrrod - level up
2. h74wfj - voucher
3. 5OFmBY - shard
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5. 4wmx6a - characters

Send troops into battle by dragging their portrait onto the battlefield. Destroy the enemy commander towers. Deploying troops costs battle energy, which is displayed below. Their archers are picking us off. HQ is sending in AMPs to withstand their arrows. Let’s take down those towers.
HQ sees potential in you. They just send us these reinforcements cheats codes. Keep it up and there’ll be more coming our way. YOu’ve unlocked two new troops. Unlock more by acquiring their shards. Hack shards pass - XVXBLG. You can scroll around the map and explore the area. Return to your base by using the corner home button.
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We’re going to need better weapons in order to take out that army protecting tree. Build the weapons forge fromt he build menu. Sulfur rock is a Pandorian mineral with awesome explosive power. We just need to go out and mine it. Tapping the sulfur rock cheat code icon helps locate the nearest sulfur rock peaks. Once we finish construction of the training bay, we can stock our troops with the HE rounds. The troops will appreciate the upgrade. Upgrade the trooper with the high explosive rounds.

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Avatar Pandora Rising tips
Hack cheats tutorial Avatar Pandora Rising (wiki):
Commander: Send Chancon into battle agains NPC forces found throughout Pandora. Commander Chacon’s talent allows her to move fast when traveling in the world. The talent will become available when she reaches the appropriate level. c3qF4L - elite crate: unlock new troops and commanders
LS86rf - speed up
lzREfI - avatar points
35Zs5u - resources
Hack Nke1es - artifacts
Cheat 7m1hhI - growth funds
gJ373a - elite ticket. qJfbpZ - exchange code
Troops tier list: troopers - cheap and armed with CARB rifles, this small group of troopers is an effective source of damage against ground targets. Deploy these versatile and cheap Troopers to reinforce defensive structures or behind AMPs when pushing into enemy territory.
AMP - the amplified mobility platform is a protective suit equipped with a heavy machine gun that attacks air and ground forces. Deploy AMPs in front of your lighter troops to provide cover from ranged attacks. how and where enter
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