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Ave imperium Game story: during the time of cruel, greedy and shortsighted leaders the Great empire began to fall apart. The elite bought everything and everyone for nothing. The soldiers became loyal only to their commanders. Find scientists and playwrights were starving. Who will restore order in the Great empire?
Commanders: sly lyrist - a carefully scribbled word will help him win the love of the crowd. Camp prefect - the soldiers were faithful to him, faithful now and will be faithful ever. Archiater - many can heal bodily wounds, but the wounds of the Empire are just him!

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Skillful blacksmith from the western province of the empire invented a new method of alloying metals. He asks for as much ore as possible for experimentation. Answer - transfer blacksmith’s workshop to the capital. There will be everything that he needs.
Variusius, a merchant in a Whisper, arrived in the capital. He has incriminating evidence on Senator Firmos Egnatuley. The price is normal, 2 chests of silver coins. Answer - Among the members of the Senate there are people who will need this information.

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Residents of the eastern province of the Empire demand a restructuring of the forum. A sandstorm of unprecedented power tore off all the roofs and tumbled down the walls of all building and temples. Answer - Insolent! How dare they demand something from the Empire! Send troops to the province and shackle everyone!
Fructuary reports that the collection of bread for the army in the north of the Empire has sharply decreases. He suspects that farmers are hiding grain. Answer - bribe talkers, intimidate slaves on farms, and find out where the grain is stored at all costs!
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Beloved by women, playwright Julian Dandelionius, again fell into trouble. He was caught in bed with his wife by a stinky groom from the southern province of the Empire. Right answer - the groom needs to be lied to a horse and dragged poor Dandelionius on the ground.
Our governor Pius fell in battle in the northwestern province. Who should be appointed to such an honorable position? Answer - the northwestern province of the Empire is exhausted by raids by barbarians. A skilled financier will put things on order here.

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