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Avengers Wars redeem codes

Thanos was defeated by the Avengers, peace has been restored. However, his men Ebony Maw vowed to take revenge. He fled and reunited his original force, they started to research some biological weapon - T Virus. Eventually, T Virus was invented together with its great power to evem destroy civilization.
In 2025, people on earth have seen those alien ships again. Tons of horrible T virus released. More and more creatures mutated into zombies, the world fell into chaos.

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hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Commander, Mecha has been sent back, it still needs some time to repair! Now let’s renovate this Base. Renovate base needs plenty of minerals, let’s build a stone pit first. Upgrade to increase production and storage. Now we can build a barrack to train more soldiers. Upgrade to unlock more powerful infantry troops.
cheat, Step #2: Our patrol troop has found a strange energy spark in cybertron ruin, let’s check it out. Spark can provide endless energy to Mecha, try to put it into mecha’s core.
Mecha info - the masterpiece combined human and cybertron technology, almost destroyed when fighting against great mutant monsters. Now it has finally been repaired, it can greatly increase troops’ power and boost city development.
Avengers Wars code, Step #3: We noticed some zombies, near base, send mecha and troops to eliminate them. You need stronger troops to settle down in the doomsday, build a motor club quickly. Upgrade base to higher level can unlock more develop options.
Step #4: Armed civilians - light infantry have an increased defense against light cavalry. Gunners are ranged units, they can deal great damage to enemies. Tap the training camp to get prepared soldiers. Do you want to have troops more quickly? You can build some military tent!

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