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Hello. You're a new adventurer this time. I'm with Alex from the kingdom to support the adventurers. Now that you know roughly what kind of place it is here, let's get straight to the point. All you have to do here is to report to me what you have experienced in ADELOTH. As for ADELOTH, much hasn't been revealed yet, and the adventurer's help is urgent. While adventuring ADELOTH, you encounter a lot of risks, but fortunately, the village is full of people from all over the world to support adventurers. Before you start exploration, please wear the weapons that I have provided. If you look at your inventory, you'll see the weapons I've provided.

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hack AW RPG Another World Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Battle/Non-battle Indestructible. When the owner uses it or becomes incapacitated, it automatically sends a distress signal to inform the owner's current location in ADELOTH. ADELOTH being search. As soon as you're ready, go into ADELOTH. It's your first expedition, so I'll go with you. ADELOTH can be reached via the portal on the right side of the village. As you can see, the inside of ADELOTH is like a maze, so you have to be careful step by step. Always be careful because it is unpredictable when and where monsters will come out. Our goal is to reach the return portal somewhere. Let's move.

cheat Step #2: I thought it was a lottle quiet. If you encounter monsters, you have to use your skills to defeat them. Since each skill has its own range, it is necessary to cinsider the placement of monsters and use it properly. Blow is the only skill you currently have, so use this to fight. Use inventory potions when you're low on health in combat. It is a weak monster, so I've been out for a while.

code Step #3:As you can see, boss monsters appear near the return portal. Boss monsterrs have better fighting ability than normal monsters, but they come in on a large scale. Keep in mind that you can use this to fight effictively, depending on what skills you use. It doesn't look very strong, so try to deal with it alone.

AW RPG Another World Step #4: Return Portal...In the past, many adventurers couldn't find it and didn't come back. Fortunately, we are currently operating rescue, so you don't have to worry too much if you lose your way. Of course, it's better to use the return portal than to wait for rescue. Such a talk was long. You can return to the town by passing through this portal, so let's go to the town. How was the first ADELOTH exploration? Perhaps because it was first, you were out of mind. The structure of ADELOTH you are exploring is very complicated, and the monsters that appear are also powerful. In order to continue the exploration, as mentioned earlier, you must receive a lot of support from the people in the village. I wish you good luck in your future.

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  • Weapon Curse - Infuse the curse power of the weapon. After hitting the attack, there is 40% chance that the monster specified as the target will be debuffed for 3 turns. Debuffs are nested up to 3 times, and the more Requirement.
  • Ranbu - Swing your weapon quickly to attack monsters within range. Attack 2 times with 50%
  • Encounter Effect - Activated when encountering a lightning knight in ADELOTH, you can use the skill up to 4 times without MP consumption during the 10 turn.
  • Left Sword Attack - Attack 3 times with 80% damage. When attack hits, there is a 100% chance of Weakness: Right Sword Attack debuff.
  • Ignition - Explode your epidermis and attack 1 times with 300% damage. When an attack hits, there is a 25% chance that the target will be debuffed with flame.
  • Explosion of Flame - Attack 1 times with 300% damage. When attack hits, there is a 30% chance of applying a mana burn debuff that lasts for 3 turns.
  • Detection - Know the stats and skills of the selected monster. You can navigate by touching the monster in a battle.

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