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Free hack Awakening of Heroes cheats code list - gold, energy, open deck, promo ticket, power ups, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Awakening of Heroes cheat world: tap the attack button to attack the grummer. After that, your hero will continue attacking. Tap the plus to unlock the first superpower. Every hero has 2 superpowers besides the basic attack. Tap the superpower button to use the superpower. Some superpowers can attack multiple enemies at the same time.

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item slot - equip your hero with items to make it more powerful. There are 3 item tiers: common, rare and epic. You can also level up your items.
Every guardian gives you a different rewards. Kill bodyguard and get two grummers who will support you. And take gold, you can buy plants with it. Plants are very useful.

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Power ups - be usre to use that one when in need. Use the power up on the grumpers. You can buy a plant that can heal you. When you buy a plant it appears on the ground where you are standing. Push mid lane by destroying towers with the help of grumpers.

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Use the basic attack button to attack the enemy tower. A tower won't shoot at you if there is a grumper in its reach. Plant a catapult plant. It can attack towers. Destroy all towers on your way to the portal of awakening. Then go to the enemy portal and use the basic attack to destroy it.

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