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1. o7kLOg5xxY - lucky box
2. VdhPwSgW6b - epic items
3. PAFLVEEbzC - secret mode
4. z57DhPKc6b - luxury bag
Defeat guardians and take gold, you can buy plants with it. Plants are very useful. THe enemy grumpers are on the move, use your power up. Now you can buy a plant that can heal ya. When you buy a plant it appears on the ground where you are standing. Wait for our grumpers and destroy the enemy portal. Use the basic attack button to attack the enemy tower. A tower won’t shoot at you if there is a grumper in its reach. Plant a catapult plant. It can attack towers.

Awakening of Heroes hack

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Destroy all towers on your way to the portal of the awakening. Item points: for every account level, you gain 1 item point. To equip common items you need to have 1 point. Equipping rare items requires 2 while equipping epic items requires 3 points.
Guardians are the main source of experience. Defeating each guardian gives you a different reward. Defeat missile guardian to get a guided missile power up that can lock on to multiple enemies.

Awakening of Heroes cheats android, ios hack codes

1. QYlrjv3Opg - level up
2. zy7NtfheXx - voucher
3. t4yIE8eM2L - shard
4. b2WbMNq1oy - artifact
5. VycrJQEvwN - honor

Awakening of Heroes hack month card
Bombs - you can take down a tower instantly with a bomb. Two bombers spawn at the same time. If no one detonates the send bomb in 45 seconds after the first one is activated, both teams lose a tower.
Plants - you can buy plants with gold coins. Every plant you buy is stronger than the previous one of the same kind, but it also costs more.
Awakening of Heroes wiki
Shooting plant will attack your enemies one at a time. It does double damage to guardians.
A tower receives as many shields as there are heroes attacking it. Bigg Boss is a large sized grumper that destroys enemy towers. Summon him by defeating two Big Boss guardians and controlling both flags in the parks.
Power up: healthus boosteria - heal all friendly heroes nearby. Trappius saltus - a trap that stuns and then launches an enemy back to the enemy base. Beseiegia catapultus - the perfect sieging weapon. Position it near enemy towers. If there are no enemy towers nearby, it will target enemy units.

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Code number Cheat Hack title
1 oIBc2wCFeg upgrade
2 tvfgEmaC3v gem crystal
3 yTR2G0zpVs points
4 j5nlTVvtlk promo code
5 oVxDthws8U gift box
6 JOxb4XSPWZ gold coins
7 VoyHUzluGq month card
8 KgSQj2DkJK premium pack
9 MK3pP86BBm skins
10 LV2E0q3A6u vip ticket
11 4NdauAjc3g gear pack

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
  • Login 7 days in a row and claim rewards: gold, epic dust, black market hero tile, skin tiles, glider skin: war hawk.
  • Tower target grumpers first, so take your grumpers with you when attacking a tower. FIsJPItT74 - You can also use a borm or a catapult plant.
  • Take patrol guardian out and 3 tough grumpers will protect the park on your behalf for the next 90 seconds.
  • 8Zp0RwmsKQ - You can claim a free deck reward every 3 hours.
  • Defend flame towers from air units.

Awakening of Heroes tips
Hack cheats tutorial Awakening of Heroes(wiki):
Concrete grizzly pants - contrary to popular belief, concrete is a great material for doing sports, outdoor activities and fighting in the arena. The plants increase your hero’s defense.
Dragon cheek skin pants - if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other dragon cheek, if you notice at all. They enormously increase your hero’s defense. Hero skills: Cakexplosion - places a cake on an enemy. After 3 seconds, the cake explodes dealing magic damage. If the target dies as a result of the explosion or sooner, the superpower’s cooldown resets.
Sticky tar code - spills sticky tar on the ground that reduces enemy movement speed by 20% and deals damage per second. If an enemy stays in the tar for 2 seconds, they also get stunned for 1 second.
beam of light cheats - casts a beam of light dealing magic damage to all enemies she hits.
Awakening of Heroes tutorial

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1. W9BVCbjbLZ
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