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1. vuEO3wKrCg - level up 2. ie9KHZwrR9 - awaken 3. PDPQH5PXCd - use evolve to strengthen your units. You can evolve a unit by using other units at the same grade. Evolved units have additional skills and higher stats, and their appearances change for the better. 4. oQA4fo36Mq - upgrade 5. 4Vu1fylJOY - increase attributes. In the endless repeated war of light and darkness. There were warriors who obtained the arcane force of universe. They stood aside by light and led the war to the victory. And then, they left the world and moved to the land of eternity. Warriors with the power that even gods were afraid of.
We need help from powerful ones to stop the darkness. One thousand years ago, there were warriors fought at the war of light and darkness. Awakers - they are the only one who can stop the dark legion.


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There are soulstones scattered around in the land of valos. We can invite awakers into this world with soulstones after a magical ritual. Now is time to start your journey to find awakers. I am very glad to guide the warrior of light. Before we move, i want you to meet some new units i’ve brought for you.
The first person to come was Sonia, from Crusade order, a devoted mage who never neglects training of mind to oppose the dak force.
Kylon - a holy knight with the burning will to punish the dark force.

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1. pJp1mcsWzt - guild coins 2. 5Zv6ANeVqu - hero equipment 3. 1z2IOBe5w6 - stamina 4. fXZuQMTmCO - axe 5. l936qPawId - penta summon

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Sonia is a magical unit that shoots multiple and strong magic arrows to enemy and deals damages. Kylon is a defense focusing unit with high physical defense. He is vulnerable to magical attack. So be careful when there are many magical units. These two units will support your combats with their strong ability.
Map of Aurel empire located at Valos continent. At first, please select mystic forest on the map. Chapter info - in this menu, you can find dungeon information. You can check what type of monsters are appearing and how strong their combat abilities are.
Combat will become more efficient if you build a strategy out of dungeon information. Before you enter a dungeon, use gold and buy useful buffs for your units. Or select play with friend to get some help from your friend. Available buffs are attack bonus, defense, Hp, critical bonus. You can purchase all of them at the same time, but let’s select attack bonus for a test.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Use EXP UP to increase your unit's levels quickly. The higher the material unit's level, the quicker it is for the target unit to reach a new level.
  • Use experience Up to increase units' levels without fighting.
  • Increase your odds against the powerful enemies by increasing your overall combat power.
  • Select play with friend also. Select friend will provide help for certain duration. Fired will support you with one hero and one ace unit.
  • There are other options such as get repetition reward and auto re-entry.
  • First of all, in the bottom right, you can find fever skill icons and character status. When enemy is killed a gauge will increase, when the gauge reaches to 1 lv, hero can us fever skill. Under the fever skill, there are green bar that represents vitality.
  • Bottom left shows status of units. under each portrait green bar displays vitality, blue bar displays magical power.

Hack cheats tutorial AWAKERS(wiki):
You can zoom in or out by putting two fingertips on the screen, and then pulling them closer together or apart on the screen's surface.
I almost forgot a very important thing. It is about how you actually use skills in the combat.
IF you touch skill icon, skill will be activated right away. But further more, if you can also drag the icon onto the enemy that you want to target.
Select the skill icon. Drag it on a specific target. Skill will be casted around the selected target. To defeat enemies more efficiently, aim your skills with accuracy. Tap and hold on a skill to check the skill description. You may check skill descriptions anytime you want.
AWAKERS tutorial

Tips to enjoy special rewards AWAKERS: gold, gift box, rubies, credits.

Now, let me give you information about auto skill and quick battle. Auto skill allows you to use unit skill and hero fever skill automatically and quick battle makes the combat speed faster. You can toggle these options depending on your taste. if you toggle auto skill to manual combat, you can feel more strategies in the combat.
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Lastly, you need to learn about how to move your army. Tap a location on the map to move your army to the spot. Taking control of your army will let you fight very efficiently against strong foes. Show your enemies elite battle tactics with your control. When you have a hard time defeating an enemy, then you can summon your friend’s hero and ace unit. They will fight beside you for 20 seconds when summoned.
With the wonderful help of your friend hero, you got through a crisis. Please do not forget to select friend hero before you enter the new adventure and dominate in the combat.

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As a result of the victory your hero and units progressed to next level. Whenever you defeat dark forces your hero and units will automatically gains experience to level up. Obviously, when you become strong, do so does the dark force. You need to form a team with stronger units to stand against to stronger enemies.
Peggy - she had strong power to rule the gangland but crusade order imprison her in the underground jail. Peggy is specialized in firearms and uses explosive shells to incapacitate enemies. She is a strategic unit that brings chaos in enemy’s back. When a ranged firearm specialist like Peggy is in your team, you can quickly penetrate enemy’s defense line and advance forward. how and where enter
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