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Cheat Azure Saga Pathfinder hack android, ios code

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Hack Azure Saga Pathfinder: cheat List
jewels x1000 - use hack rytq6vXIg
keys x100 - enter pass m13f93GsX
skill points x50 - cKJMdZLQB
add socket - KxcoTiGlQ
costume - HZgTCh4KY
free gameplay - p217ASfW9
Month Card x1 code - VhoYbz4D0
upgrade cheat - Wu1AqCOoo
daily gift bag x10 - uVyh0tpVz
secret combination - J0tLkRkVR
level up - SGHzUwAAV
enhance - oafxqoJjW
special reward - Z9m1AtUaQ
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Game Story
Cryo Sleep mode was activated during our emergency landing. It seems we have here for a while. But there's no record for how long. We better get out and check our surroundings. My navigation system is unable to detect our location. I would say that we are currently stranded on an unknown planet. A half human half deer creature appears from the bushes. It would appear that thi is a native creature of this planet. The creature runs away into the forest. We need to find out where we are...
Azure Saga Pathfinder Hack Basics
Use the joystick displayed in the lower left corner to move your character. You can change the control movements through settings. The green and blue arrow indicates map waypoints or exit within a stage. The minimap appears in the top right corner of the screen when you are inside a stage. The bright yellow arrow represents your current location and the direction your character is facing, the blue crystal marks the save point, and red flag indicates your current destination. More information can be found within Map legends.
Various icons appear when your character approaches a person or object of interest. tap the screen when the icon is displayed to interact with the person or object of interest.
Hint & Tips
1. Equipments provide stat bonuses and can be equipped in the party menu. Each equipment has a different number of slots to be filled by jewels. Some equipments require specific jewels in order to grant additional stat bonuses.
2. Remember not to get KO'ed during fight. Otherwise, you have to use resurrection scroll in inventory.
3. Combat is trun based. Once you have selected your characters' action, all your allies will act in turn followed by the enemies. The fight command allows each character to carry out different actions in a single turn such as basic attack, skill, items and others. Auto command allows all characters to unleash basic attack in a single turn.
4. Change command allows you to switch positions with any available characters.
5. Items are listed in inventory. They are accesible through item inside fight command. KO'ed character(s) can be revived in battle using resurrection scroll. All KO'ed characters are automatically revived once you are out of battle.

Some skill effect can only be discovered through united skill. United skill can be unlocked inside battle by finding the right combination of your characters' red skills. To unlock a new united skill, simply target the same enemy with 3 different red skills of your characters in a single turn. United skill requires the same amount of MP for every character involved. Remember that party composition is crucial as not every character can perform united skills with one another.
Blue crystal
Your game progress will be automatically saved in the auto save slot whenever you approach a blue crystal. Interacting with any blue crystal will allow you to access teleport mode, where you can instantly move to any place with the blue crystal icon around the stage.
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date05 October 2020
Last Modified05 October 2020
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