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The past of light/ searching for a path in the dark. It will lead to you and the world so far. But i can only see the stars shining above. Soon the sky will be swallowed by the clouds. In this game, you tap or swipe the characters that appear from the building windows, time it right to get the best results, like a whack a mole. Tap at the right time when the circle icon the bigger and shines. When there is a line between the circles, tap the both circles at the same time. There are also the swipe icons.

B&D-Rhythm hack

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There are 4 types of arrows in total. As the stage progresses, arrows in new directions will appear. if the left arrow icon appears, swipe left. Swipe when the arrow gets bigger and shines. There are hearts and diamonds as the additional icons you can tap on, when you tap on a heart, your heart gauge will recover, when you tap on a diamond, you get credits which can be used to buy items.

B&D-Rhythm cheats, hack codes

There are 5 levels of scores based on the timing of taps and swipes. If the timing is perfect, it will say perfect. If the timing is off, it will say Bad or Poor. You will earn points depending on the scores. If you get Bad or Poor, the heart gauge decreases. The game is over when the heart gauge is completely gone. In this game, you can advance the game by using the items and changing outfits. The items and outfits can be purchased in the item shop.
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There are 3 types of items and they all have different effects. You will be able to use it in the game if you give them to Shunei in the item selection screen of the character profile. There are 8 types of outfits and the each of them have different effect on items. Each outfit further enhance the effects of items. You can activate the effects when you put the outfits on Shunei in the costume change screen of the character profile.

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