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Bangbang Rabbit redeem codes

Cat daemons approaching! Tap to swing your sword to the right. Look out! The enemy on the right is about to attack, click left to dodge the attack. Defeating enemies increases energy. Reach maximum energy to cast ultimate.
Boost your power with totems. Upgrade a totem’s level and stras to boost its power. Explore more chapters and acquire more powerful totems.

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hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Please choose your blessing:
Shredder - chance for each attack to inflict bleed. Every 0.5 seconds, deals 98 DMG.
Revive - when your HP reaches 0, you will revive with a portion of HP restored and gain invincibility for 2 seconds. Available for once.
Vampire - chance for attacks to restore 243 HP.
cheat, Step #2: ATK boost - increase ATK by 98. Revitalize - heals every 30s, restoring 365 HP. Kill/heal - when using ultimate, restores 487 HP.
Invigorate - continually heals every 30s, healing 146 HO per second for 5 s. Armored - chance to reduce incoming damage when attacked.
Tenacity - when HP is below 30%, reduces DMG by 30%. Energy/+HP - the higher your energy, the higher your HP.
Bangbang Rabbit code, Step #3: Death Bomb - when HP is below 50%, a bomb is detonated dealing AoE damage. Dodge/strike - after dodging backward, increases ATK for your next attack. Shield - chance for normal attacks to create a lightning shield around self. Carrot bash - normal attacks summon an enormous carrot to smash enemies.
Step #4: These creatures are getting stronger. Let’s take people into town and find the heroes for our squad.
Main menu - you can come here to claim rewards after you have cleared a chapter (faith, gold coins, stamina). Even the powerful need help from divine gear. Equipping gear can double your might. Craft shards into powerful gear. Equip the new gear and defeat the ultimate monster in one shot. Explore more chapters and acquire more powerful gear.

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