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Controls: Shot - tap and hold “shot button” to get 2 points when standing in or at the 3 point line. Get 3 points when (shooting)/ standing outside the 3 point line.

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The upper left corner of the screen shows the match time (3 min) and the attack time (20 sec). If you don’t attack within 20 sec, it will be your opponent’s time to attack. Remember, to begin your attack you need to be beyond the 3 points line. Using the stick on the left of the screen, run to the specified location with the ball. Tap the shot button when you’re in the highlighted area under the basket.

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Characters: Alex - the divine hads grew up in a family of street actors, and developed unprecedented foresight. Famous for his merciless. Neil - mysterious, elusive, ghost-like guy. His special skill is a stunning slam dunk after a high jump. To avoid being blocked, shoot ball in the basket. Steven Yan - a young and energetic basketball master. he often plays with his students in the street, and always gives his best.

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If you want to beat stronger opponents you need to learn more techniques. Tap skills and learn more moves. Before you equip a new skill, examine how to use it properly. After you have learned the skills, you can use them in the game.
Skills: Drift shot - helps to avoid an enemy blocking. Control: while dribling, move left or right from the basket and use shot. Back dribble - jump back from an opposing guards. While dribbling, move the stick away from the backet and use breakthrough. Mid bounce and roll - helps to avoid opponent’s blocking in the middle shot zone. Makes distance longer and delays shot. Control: while dribbling at the middle shot zone, move the stick backwards from the basket and use shot.

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