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Gameplay dialog: you’re awake.
-Bretto, you’re alright!
- Yes, are you feeling better? You’ve been resting for a few hours.
- I guess i wasn’t completely prepared for that cannon blast. Was i dreaming, or did you leap off the ship to catch me?
- I did.
- How’d we make it down in one piece?
- Knolan. We fell through a portal he opened, placing us on the ground with only minor injuries.
- Then what happened to him?
- We don’t know.
- And Garrison? Monika?
- Garrison fell through the portal as well. Monika appears to be missing, along with Knolan.
- Then let’s get moving, they could be hurt.
- Garrison already went ahed to search for them. Are you sure you’re well enough to move?
- I’m still woozy, but we don’t have any time to waste. I’ll be fine.
- First, allow me to further heel your wounds (use codes xvDWYEV55z to heal). Then we will meet Garrison.

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Worn letters on the top of this sign read “Talon crossing” The plank pointing east says “ High lake Village”, with the message carved cryptically into the wood directly over it. The rest is damaged beyond readability.
Tap and hold on a character portrait in combat or in a dungeon to get more info about buffs and debuffs.
Overcharge is displayed in red next to your mana bar. It’s generated by using regular actions. Overcharge is consumed in place of mana and used for bonus effects in certain abilities. It goes away after combat though, so make sure to use it while you can.

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Completing a dungeon will cause time to pass, causing some things on the Overworld to repopulate, refreshing vendor inventories and causing enemies to respawn.
Falling in battle to the boss of a dungeon will have the heroes respawn at the Boss crystal in the state they were in when starting the fight.
Remember, your bestiary contains information about all the enemies you’ve faced in your adventures. You can keep of main objectives and secondary objectives with the journal tab in the compendium.
Battle Chasers Nightwar wiki
Dungeons: the iron outpost - though in ruins, the former scale of this mighty fortress is evident. Nature has begun reclaiming the old stone, and the smell of moss weaves with the salted breeze swirling around the entrance. Now crawling with bandits, it’s time to figure out what power is drawing looters and criminals to the ancient site. Rewards - legendary treasure cache (code = 3m3lN2KkZU)!
Physical defense will reduce the amount of physical damage taken.
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points = Wr4jS82sbi
Calibretto mastery:
gHtmOKsKcY = artillery calibration: increase critical chance
Maor58KR6W = stamina up
YdZ3Vmhibb = all defense up: increase physical and magic defense.
XUS9BH7YTn = AP up (attack power)
B36naSnYNQ = defensive matrix: grants an extra 5 overcharge when hit
3xQZ9Uyuv7 = obliterate: do bonus damage if the target is ignited or poisoned.

VaUrSdebLs = reinforced knuckles: critical chance.
mi0txcBs8H = haste up
N8bdhv063P = critical retaliation
DJjeRzyfdQ = initiative: begin battle with haste for 1 action.
KJuFtq6rTJ = scatter shot: will deal an additional 4 damage to the nearby target.

eA2Ypd5CDm = critical chance up
5Bx0yoWnaU = start strong: begin battle with +10% attack power.
MrvBWnFycU = second wind: at the end of combat, heals garrison for 17 health.
bnsogdBV2I = crit DMG up: increases the damage of critical hits by an additional 10%
bdQaLUlFb7 = warblade: raises the amount of overcharge that can be consumed by warblade from 40 to 60.
Quickstep - a dash that avoids trap damage and adds a massive haste buff to Garrison if he initiates combat with it. Build Overcharge faster and has a larger overcharge pool.
Dungeons skills can be used while exploring dungeons.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Spending the night at the inn will sometimes result in short story moments between the heroes.
  • Remember to bring flasks with you. Being well prepared is the best way to avoid running out of mana mid dungeon.
  • Some vendors will sometimes have items on sale. Be sure to check back every day for updated inventories and sales.
  • Doing dungeons on a higher difficulty increases the level of the enemies, but also increases the potential for higher quality loot.
  • If all the heroes are knocked out, they will find themselves nursed back to health at the inn, but at the cost of some gold.

Battle Chasers Nightwar tips
Hack cheats tutorial Battle Chasers Nightwar(wiki):
Increasing haste rating (hack codes = eTvHU8FW6x) will reduce the time necessary to perform abilities and increase how often a character can act. As a character’s level increases, more haste rating is required to achieve a 1% increase.
You can trade in fish to the fishmonger for Shadow coins (cheat = sTQ20g9ppf).
Resting at the inn will fully heal your party, but will also respawn enemy encounters in the Overworld.
Overcharge will always be used up before mana, so you can be efficient by using actions to build overcharge (or use code E0pQmUHQAv) before performing your more powerful abilities.
Battle Chasers Nightwar tutorial

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Items: Faintly glowing powder - powders with a trace of mana residue used in alchemy and enchantment recipes. Found in the Vale and Rushlands.
Salvaged tank treads - salvaged parts from one of the Bandit’s mechs.
Battle Chasers Nightwar tips to repair
Gears and weapon:
Vale scout’s tunic - offers basic protection in combat.
The letter opener - the messenger was not known for his subtlety. Serrated blade: has a chance on hit to make the target bleed for 17 pircing damage over 3 turns.
Layered Leather Vest - this vest has another layer of leather padding to dull blows.
Cyclone - a steam powered prototype cannon. The word “cyclone” is written shakily on its side.
Nature’s touch - a ring that reinforces one’s constitution.
Outpost tunic - basic armor worn by soldiers of the vale.
Coast iron broadsword - standart issue for warriors of the Vale. Firebrand: has a chance when attacking to deal an additional magic damage with each hit. Bestiary:
Ruins spider - a small spider inhabiting the vale and the areas around the iron outposts.
Green slime - slimes enjoy feasting on the bones of the fallen and are known to congregate in area of great turmoil.
Armored eviscerator - an assault mech fashioned by the bandits. The blades on the Eviscreator cause anyone attacking it to take damage. Battle Chasers Nightwar Activation code:
1. AxLJXBesvu
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Battle Chasers Nightwar Heroes:
Garrison - a legendary warrior and fallen paladin turned sellsword. Once loyal to the missing hero ramus, Garrison stuggles to escape his own violent past. He’s now drawn back into conflict by his sense of duty, seeking redemption for past sins in the defense of Aramus’ daughter Gully on her many adventures. how and where enter
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