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Free hack Battle Royale 3D cheats code list - evolve, auto aim, gold, promo ticket, weapon, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Battle Royale 3D cheat world: Intense sunlight, scorching the parched skin, mixed with salty sea breeze blowing, so uncomfortable. I can’t waste time, should hurry to find supplies, weapons: i won’t give up until i win the championship. To complete with elite players, to improve yourself in battle. At first, parachute landing, you have nothing, must make full use of the land shape, architecture, vehicle to defeat opponents!

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And time pass instantly, within about 20 minutes, search for weapons and props, quickly arm yourself, escape the poison circle and avoid the attack from your opponent. Find the chance to defeat them, persist in the end, become the king of the battle!

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Characters: Miller - his physical strength is very strong, even his age doesn’t affect his outstanding combat ability. With his brave and domineering, accomplished many impossible task, enough to make the younger generation commend unceasingly.
Saya - she is a special important member of the training, often see her wearing student uniforms. She usually lives in ordinary people, but she always observes secretly and maintains the highest vigilance and crisis at any time.
Jily - he is very good at field work and camouflage himself, a good camouflage clothes, you can hide your body shape, secretly close to the enemy, make the enemy guardless.

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Norseman - she has a beautiful pink hair, but her temper is not as soft as her hair. A bold personality, spicy skill, combat ability is also very excellent.
Leo - he looks like an extremely sharp character. At one time, he was a former team alarming marksman, still not been surpassed.
Ina - she was just an ordinary office lady, the island’s incident awake her deep survival will. Although there is no rich combat experience, but intelligence talent always help her can find key clue and resource quickly.

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